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Let’s talk about perception!  This is one of the biggest parts of awakening into our true purpose.  I get asked a lot about how I started to feel confident.  I wasn’t always sure of myself. In fact, I spent a LOT of years with crippling self-doubt.  I had an idea of where my doubt came from, but I had no idea how to reverse it.
Let’s think about perception for a moment.  When we are not sure of our perception, it means we are not sure we can trust ourselves to see things for what they are.  We search outside of us to see if we are accurate.  If we are not mirrored in our perception, we start to DOUBT it.

This causes a lot of internal stress, because we are constantly in question of ourselves but also everything else.  

When we are vulnerable to this we are also vulnerable to people taking advantage of us and our perception and the cycle begins.  Recently, one of my clients was telling me about how she truly does not know, how to know if she is seeing things correctly.  I asked her to tell me what she sees and how she sees it.  She told me and I said, “great that was clear now own it.”  She said, “you know that is the problem.  I know what I see, but for some reason I cannot own it.”  I asked her who she is waiting for to invalidate it or make it wrong.  That one got to her.  She said, “I think everyone.”  I said or maybe “anyone.”  When we don’t own our perception, we leave the door open to anyone and everyone to shift it.  When we do this, we are also walking around with an uncertain identity and giving our power away left and right to someone who is more strong in themselves.
So what to do?  I like to talk to myself out loud.  Tell yourself the story (out loud) so you can observe it.  Notice the perception you have about it.  Then ask yourself if this is really how you see it?  If so, then ask yourself what is scary about owning that experience?  Who is going to prove me wrong?  If they do prove me wrong, why is that scary?  Why am I attached to needing to be right?  Chances are you may have some shame that says, “there is something wrong with me and if I am wrong again it must be true.”  The reality is that it is not true.

You deserve to own your perception as much as anyone else.

As I started to own my perception, I saw that everything I had gone through actually made perfect sense.  It didn’t make sense until I owned the way I was seeing it.  If you try to own the way others see things, your reality won’t make sense to you and this leads to a continual pattern of needing other people to GET YOU.
So let’s start to own our perception more today!  When you feel unsure of something, do a perception check.  Is this how I see it or is this how I think I should see it?  Can I own how I am experiencing this?  Even if I am wrong, can I still own that this is truly how I feel right now?  This is also an amazing way to practice unconditionality with ourselves.
We can be unconditional with ourselves no matter if we are right, wrong etc.  It makes it less scary to own your perception because you realize no matter what, it is ok. When we start to own our perception we naturally start to become less defensive as well.  Think about it.  When we own ourselves we don’t have anything to defend, because we are already owned.
I hope this message served you well.  I am sending you all a huge hug and lots of LIGHT!  Please read below for announcements and course opening!!

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