Hello beautiful tribe,
I want to share with you some insights around the Ideal vs. Real state that I often talk about.  Many of us have found ourselves or our lives focused more on how something appears rather than how it feels.
This past week I have had many sessions with clients who are awakening at a pretty rapid rate.

You are breaking out of the ideal version of your life and find yourself in a transition towards the REAL AUTHENTIC REALITY.

As we reclaim our ultimate truth, we are asked to let go of the things that no longer serve us and many times this means those idealized aspects.
When you really think about it, where does this focus on appearance come from?  Who created this white picket fence reality?  What has it really done for us?  Has it kept us safe?  Made us feel enough?  Fulfilled our hearts?  Has it protected us from rejection, criticism or worse?  The answer to all of those things is NO!!!
What it has done is made us a societal ideal so that we can feel enough according to made up standards.  It has also made us box ourselves into an ideal and out of our real.
We are in a paradigm shift right now and we are being begged by our hearts to listen.  We are being redirected inward to what really matters to our purpose and not to our ego.  I like to do this little technique in some of my sessions called “ego shedding”.  You can do this at home.
Look at what you think you WANT.  Ask yourself why you want that and then really look deep into the reason for that why.  I will give you an example.  I want a big house.  I want that house because it will make me feel safe.  Ok is that true?  Do I need a big house to feel safe or just any house?  Ok… any house.  So what is the BIG part about?  That would be an ego shed.  I want the big house so I can look successful or so I can measure up or because I deserve it for all my hard work.  What is the TRUTH? 

When we get to the truth, we shed the ego 😉

Those of us who were not allowed to feel, who felt misunderstood, who were punished for having negative or uncomfortable emotions.  We learned to focus on how things look instead of how they feel.  We did this because we associated SHAME to having any negative emotion.  “I am doing something wrong.”  So to make up for the shame, we created a perfect appearance and started to judge things by how they look rather than how they feel.  The unfortunate truth about this is that we disconnect more and more from our own authentic feelings and we lose touch with what we want, who we are and how we feel.

The Ideal becomes our reality and we live unfulfilled and we don’t know why.

So my friends, the road back to SELF is to start reclaiming your feelings.  Becoming UNCONDITIONAL with where you are at.  Let’s say you don’t know what you feel.  Good… let’s start there.  The truth is, I don’t know how I feel, but I would like to know.  Sit with the uncertainty.  Let it be ok and understand why it is so.  You don’t know what you feel because you may have never been allowed to anchor in your truth.  You may never have been allowed to feel anything and everything and know that it was ok, acceptable and loved.  So this is when we get to accept, love and allow them all once again.  We reparent our emotions and they start to feel acknowledged, seen, heard, and understood.  Then they get louder and over time, our heart opens to the wise guide inside.

Here is a video on the subject!



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