I was asked to write a blog for a friends website recently @ www.imonamission.com. As I was writing my piece for her blog I got to thinking about my favorite subject which happens to be PURPOSE. As some of you know I am working on my first book right now and the subject matter is “indigo children” or what some call “the children of NOW”. Why is this of such huge interest to me? Because I am one of those kids/ adults but also because it is of paramount importance that we start to honor the perspective of our children and their sometimes overwhelming mission.

The simple yet profound mission of these kids and myself is to help “be the change”. To help shift this world into heaven on earth. How do we do that? By becoming ambassadors of LOVE. Learning and teaching ourselves and others how to LOVE unconditionally from the animals on our planet to the food we feed ourselves. From the way we think to the way we speak and most importantly the way we continue to evolve and stay conscious.

A lot of these kids are the WAKE UP CALL. I was definitely fitting into that category as a child. I was nd am very taped into my truth and what is right for me, what I feel which was (EVERYTHING) and how others are thinking and feeling around me. It is not easy being a complete sponge to your environment, but you see that is part of the mission. To FEEL everything and in a sense be multidemensional so that we can start to show those around us that it is ALL CONNECTED. Everything effects everyone, we are all ONE. Most people up until now have not had to deal with these sensitivities. They could NOT understand our behavior or our deep sense of perception. The extremes, the psychic abilities and the constant day dreaming as sometimes there is just too much going on emotionally or physically to even begin to center ourselves and focus.

In my life over the past couple of years I have Mastered “focus”. My husband thinks there is no one more focused than me BUT this did not come easy. I have come into my own and realized that my journey has all been about STRENGTHENING me so that I can start to affect rather than be effected. When we can use our sensitivities FOR us and start to hone in on the gift of being overly sensitive emotionally and physically we can also begin to step into a please of leadership and shift this planet into the LOVING.

Our mission is to create Heaven on Earth and to do this we have been armed with these sensitivities and these personalities that shock people into looking a little bit deeper. We can not put up with the ignorance of the world and many of us have chosen specific areas to focus on. Animal rights, holistic health, meditation and yoga , the school system to start creating the shift or maybe even spiritual psychology like I did where we explore the ability to take charge of your thoughts that create your reality.

The way to step into your authority and start to focus is to first realize that this is a gift that needs to be trained. We can start to do this by first realizing it is not a BAD thing but instead a really GOOD thing. We can meditate for just 3 minutes a day and find that center. Then we build a relationship with it by eating nurturing and organic foods, honoring our feelings and ACCEPTING our mission. One step at a time, this world we live in will start to evolve and shift and as that happens our inner world becomes reflected in the outer world and the fight, the struggle and the dis-ease begins to soften.

It is not easy to be a light worker, a way shower or a pioneer but it is the most purposeful awareness you can come into. This world we live in is changing and it is our job, our purpose and certainly our mission to stand in our power and BE the change.

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