Do you ever find yourself in a relationship that was once blissful, but now you find it very triggering or stifling?

As we start to do some inner work and find more authenticity in ourselves, our relationships can suffer (until we make the connection).

When we are younger, we start to discover through conditioning and socialization that parts of ourselves need to change to FIT IN, to be accepted or approved of or LIKED. Naturally, we start to change or hide or deny parts of who we truly are so we can gain the love / acceptance we need to survive in society, school or family as a young child.

We become an idealized version or “conditioned” version of ourselves and we learn very well how to maintain that ideal and stay safe by pleasing the others who have facilitated this version.

We become attracted to partners who have the “same” emotional imprint. You know how to please them, because you have this familiar emotional experience, because you have been doing it your whole life. BUT, at some point, you start to realize that you are living for this ideal and not connected to your REAL (authentic self).

You long for more, you long for YOU, because this life you created doesn’t feel fulfilling. Something is missing and the missing piece is your authentic self.

Your relationship kept you safe in your ideal version, but it didn’t work to complete your puzzle. As you wake up to your authentic needs, wants and purpose, your relationship may feel more like a prison. It doesn’t allow you to be YOU and still feel safe, just like the way you felt at the beginning (original wound).

In this video, I explain it further and what we can do to be our true selves and have safe and fulfilling relationships.

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