Hello beautiful tribe,

Today, I want to talk about grieving because it is the one thing we really need to do in the face of loss and it is also the thing we usually avoid at all costs.

This past year has brought up many painful experiences for most of us. We have moved into the age of Aquarius and we are ALL being asked to level up, to feel the feels and heal our darkest and deepest patterns and pains. Our tribal wounds are something we cannot escape!

This is not a fun process by any means. At times, it actually sucks pretty bad to be honest with you. So many clients share with me their very intelligent coping mechanisms they designed to avoid their pain. Even though these mechanisms are genius, they are only helping us to delay the healing until we can handle it. We try to avoid feeling the pain of something that has actually already happened just because we think the pain underneath will end us.

This past year, I have been grieving quite a bit. My life has seen some pretty big loss and in the process of feeling as bad as I could possibly imagine, I also found the freedom to go to the next level of clarity. There is no way around it, we must go into it.

We must acknowledge how we feel and instead of being afraid of it, see it as a gateway. This is the gateway to your new reality. The reality that already exists due to your inner work and expansion. Our world must change on the outside when we have upgraded on the inside. This will feel like loss and pain. But as we walk our human side through this idea of loss and pain, we will see a higher perspective on the other side. Not until I sit in the pain, until it is fully processed, can I see what awaits me once I am clear.

This is hard to believe, because how can something good come from something that feels so bad? It feels bad because we identify CHANGE and PAIN as negative. We think if we feel bad, it must be a bad thing. This is not the case. As we allow ourselves to grieve, we are releasing ourselves from the shackles of our OLD IDENTITY. We must allow this pain to move through us from a place of neutral observing so that we can allow our lives to align with our new wisdom.

This is a sign of growth! Anytime we lose something, it is because we truly do not need it. If we did, we would still have it. Think about it this way. It is like a baby who outgrows her pacifier. She will cry and cry because she still thinks she needs it. It brings her comfort and she does not welcome the change. But her Mother knows better. She knows that she has outgrown it and it is time for the next level that will be new and uncomfortable, but better for her and her development. This is what I think of as I go through grief. The universe knows that this loss is better for your growth and development. It feels like emptiness, because we cannot see that there is always something better already waiting for us once we take the leap.

So my friends, let’s all support one another in letting go of the old so that there is room for the new. Let’s all reframe this pain and see it as a deeper path to your purpose of serving the planet. As we heal, so does our world. As we release, so does our world. As we cry, process and let go, our world purifies. You are such an important part of this planet and the individual work you are doing is changing everything for the better one soul at a time.

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Sending you all so much love and light,

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