Hello beautiful tribe,

This is a very special week for me because it is my BIRTHDAY!  If you know me personally, you know how much I love to celebrate Birthdays. Mine or yours!!! So I am dedicating this newsletter to the continued healing journey.

Last week, I released a video called “How To Bust Through the Healing Plateau”


In this video, I explain how healing is an ongoing experience. We can often experience a plateau just like when we are on a diet and it stops working. We need to change up our healing modalities. It is not that we can’t heal anymore or that we are doing anything wrong. We don’t recognize our own growth sometimes, because we are IN IT. For this reason, we get to add to our healing toolbox and gain self awareness around when we need to do what.

I also just released a new video on “How Codependency Starts”


We need to understand that our wounds are not our fault, but also that our wounds do serve a purpose. As we heal ourselves, we are literally healing the world. Being the change is the most powerful lesson I have learned thus far.

Do you guys ever notice how you can have all the information in the world, but unless you apply it, you lack INTEGRITY? Living within your integrity is the most powerful position to be in for multiple reasons. Your BEING is your expression, your voice and your life.

So many of us grew up feeling unseen or misunderstood. When you simply LIVE YOUR TRUTH, you can’t be unseen or misunderstood. You are just simply BEING YOUR MESSAGE 😉

I encourage all of us to continue to put our faith in the wise guide inside. The higher power that we can lift up into when we take the seat of the NEUTRAL OBSERVER of our emotions and our conditions. We get to become unconditional with ourselves and our environments.

When we no longer depend on externals to run our emotions or our destiny, we have entered a new state of mastery. The healing will continue, but always from a place more awakened and conscious than before.

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We can heal from codependency. It is a scary journey at the beginning, because we are not used to self partnering. We are used to abandoning parts of ourselves for the approval of others. As we self partner, we realize that our only true responsibility is to be LOYAL TO OUR OWN SOUL.

Have a great week my loves! We are all in this together!!!


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