Many times before people are able to hear me on a podcast or watch an interview or even read my blog, they wonder what is Spiritual Psychology? Well to make it easier for all of us I put together a few principles and practices that highlight what I do.

The first piece to understand is that we are all “souls” having a human experience. When we look at life from this angle, you are opening to a new level of wisdom. The second step is to know that resolution to any issue is absolutley possible. I think a lot of times people become discouraged because they are not finding the answers they need to literally cure their troubles. Spiritual psychology can offer complete relief for the last time.

The question I usually get after letting my clients know this imformation is HOW can I do this?

My favorite and most powerful tool in aiding my clients towards inner peace is developing a relationship and a trust to their own “inner counselor”. Your inner counselor is your inner guidance, your higher self or what I refer to as your “authentic self”. That part of you that is not governed by the ego. This space inside is your clarity and when we clear up your ego fears and misinterpretations you are able to HEAR your own inner voice very clearly and trust it to guide your life.

Another question many people ask me is how to know the difference between their authentic voice and their fear voice. My answer is very specific. Your Authentic self or inner voice is always loving, always joyful and forgiving. Your Authentic self does not judge or experiene jealousy, competition or the fear of scarcity. All of those feelings are your ego voice, your fear and your misinterpretations of reality.

All misinterpretations start from a very early age when we don’t know any better than to judge things as we see them and when this happens and we are very young, you can guarantee there is a misinterpretation in there. Since we are not guided to question these misinterpretations we decide they are LAW and we develop an ego that thinks it knows better.

In my practice, I work with you to identify any and all of these misinterpretations. We talk to them, we forgive them and best of all we get to “reframe” them into the TRUTH. When you clear old fears and misinterpretations and evolve them into the Truth, your life aligns with the laws of the Universe and you begin living an Authentic Life! The life you were born to lead.

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