There is a saying . . . “the brighter the light, the darker the shadow”! I have heard this phrase many times in my life and I have come to really understand the opportunity behind it. One thing I have noticed in people who are really intune with their intuition is that we also have a very strong EGO voice. Often times we get confused as to which one is the TRUTH.

In my life I have definitely listened to both and here are some tips I have come up with to help others nip that ego in the bum right from the start.

First of all the reason we have this darker voice inside is because you are so close to the light and you may even notice how you feel you are being “tested” at moments of growth. You actually are . . . you are being tested to see how strong your trust in your “light” is. But this is also an opportunity for you to clear some old misinterpretations. Ultimately the choice is all our own or “free will”. It is not that God or something evil is punishing us or doing something to us to hurt us, direct us in a differnt way or let us know we should give up. This voice of discouragement or fear has nothing to do with God, the universe or our light. It is simply the competing energy inside of us due to our misinterpretations of ourselves or life and it is a great way to push us more towards the LIGHT the easy way or the hard way. The hard way is if we keep listening to this ego voice. the easy way is to strengthen our trust and our faith in our own loving.

So here are some FEAR vs INTUITION tips.

1. If you feel a sensation in your body and it hurts it is fear

2. If you become afraid and start to question yourself it is fear

3. If you grow insecure and doubt sets in it is fear

4. If you start to hear thoughts that are not loving such as (people are talking about me, I wont get that job, i am not good enough) it is fear.

In these moments it will be challenging at first but the best thing you can do is

1. meditate: stop everything and put your hand over your heart and breath. This will bring you into the present moment where fear can not survive.

2. forgive yourself for buying into that voice for even one second. Forgiveness does wonders. It can clear things up immediately

3. This is an indication that you are experiencing uncertainty so in that moment send yourself LOVE. All pain or fear is a call for self love.

So, please remember that the more you grow you may have challenges to stay on your “LIGHT” path. Welcome these challenges and with these simple tools you can arm yourself for greatness. Never buy into it as fear is not TRUTH. You are LOVE!



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