Hello beautiful friends,

This topic has been coming forward for me in more than one way recently. Checking in with our TRUTH is the only way to make clear decisions and continue to live in alignment with our own happiness.

With everything that is going on in the world right now, I see it as an assignment. I see that we are all at home, there are less distractions or external escapes. This can be tough for some people, but I have found it to be super comforting. I feel like I have been given a permission slip to ALIGN, to check in, to live my TRUTH unapologetically as if I haven’t already… LOL.

But, I also see this time as a reawakening to inner guidance.

Our society is crumbling and we are being asked to rebuild it from WITHIN. As we all align with our inner preferences, heartfelt desires and authenticity, we are also being asked to SHARE our thoughts and visions for a better world.

I have been having many conversations lately about living an empowered life. In my opinion, I did not start to even feel the tiny bit empowered until I disconnected from “the outside world” and spent more time with my inner experiences.


When we really connect within, we can drop attachments and gain connections.


Attachment means that we NEED something and are willing to compromise. Connection means we are whole and wish to share….. take that in!

So, I feel very guided to ask myself HARD questions lately. It has not been comfortable, but it has been enlightening. I feel a great sense of inner peace. I feel a call to live even more unapologetically. I feel more validated in my ideas about my own life and how that makes sense in this world and I made this little video to inspire you!!




Next week is my BIRTHDAY!!! Birthdays are really important to me, because I LOVE to celebrate life and all the magic that goes into that. So, I will be taking a little time off to celebrate, think about my awesome purpose, the gratitude I have for this calling and to really get clear on my year ahead.

As always, If you need me or feel like sharing, I am avail via email.


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