Many people ask me what the purpose of life is. I can say that in my experience, my life has gotten exponentially more fulfilling and I have gained profound wisdom by clearing myself of all the misinterpretations I have held.

What do I mean by this? We all come into life with a spiritual curriculum or “life plan”. It is my belief that we all come here with a specific purpose and we come into this life with a perfect “set up” for us to learn the lessons needed for our growth into purpose.

So many people grow up with a difficult childhood, I am one of those people. I have always felt that my childhood set me up perfectly, suffering and all to wake me up in the way I needed for the next phase of life. In this way I started to see early on that perhaps life is FOR me and not against me. This was a gift to see that I was NOT a victim.

But things got more complicated in my adolescence when life was still not working the way I thought it should. It was not lining up with my belief system and this caused me MAJOR stress. I had thought that if I was “good” or living my “truth” then life would reflect that in a way of almost prizing me and as a confirmation that I was on track. UMMM no, it does not work that way. In life we don’t attract what we want to be, we attract what we are. Life is not going to prize us or punish us because life simply does not work that way. Our parents worked that way but life certainly does not. Life will meet you where you are at. Life will attract to you the lessons you need to learn as it is in alignment with your inner reality. it is not prizing nor punishing . . . it simply IS.

My life has been a journey of discovering spiritual law and now with my Masters in Spiritual Psychology I am on a mission to help others “figure it all out”. It brings me great joy to know from personal experience that life can be blissful, peaceful and fun literally everyday. To know that I am perfection in the process, that life will meet me at the place I am within myself.

Two years ago my life shifted from NEEDING to be the most successful, most fit, most beatuiful version of myself with the best guy by my side and all the luxuries of life TO . . . . being as loving as I possibly can be to myself and others and having all of those things as a fun accessory but not a necessity.

It sounds so simple but by living years and years of searching outside myself for personal validation that I was being good that I was doing it right and that I measured up, I decided that none of that was real. As soon as I did measure up, I did have everything I thought I wanted and I was being validated I realized this was not validation AT ALL. . . . what I was really searching for was ME, MY OWN VALIDATION OF MYSELF! To get this I needed to look deep inside and get really REAL! I needed to look at all the beliefs I had and how they were either serving me or working against me. In doing the work or clearing misinterpretations and being able to see the truth again I also found the greatest source of happiness and that was SELF LOVE.

Once we contact that space inside of us that is already whole we see that we really don’t NEED anything outside of us to fill us as we are already full. From my experience I can tell you that THAT is also the moment that you will actually recieve it because you no longer “need it”. You have not only stopped searching but you have also connected with the space inside that can recieve from a space of abundance and not a space of lack.

The journey inward has taught me SO much about the nature of life and the illusions we all have. To live a happy life is to live in alignment with your true self, your inner knowing and your unconditional Loving.

We are all already whole and the goal is to live that truth each and everyday by striping away all the false beliefs and misinterpretations we have about self, God and world. when we strip away our misinterpretations we can reconnect with the wise, loving reality that lives inside of us and creates the deepest level of security we could ever know . . . . LOVE!

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