My mission in life is to WAKE PEOPLE UP to the truth about evolution! In my first book I have writen and will release later this year “INDIGO=In The Know” I get real and share personal experiences, compassion and TRUTH about our children and where society has gone wrong. I stand in my power and speak from the wisdom of my heart, the wisdom of my own experience as well as those from others I counsel who are like me in efforts to support , love and guide young children and adults who have dealt with or are dealing with labels as children, specifically ADHD. I talk in length about the suffering that comes from Medication and the real danger this creates.

WAKING UP to the truth of being an INDIGO child! We are untraditional souls in a traditional world. We don’t naturally align with the 3rd dimensional world we are living in. We are naturally operating with a 5th dimensional soul. We are BEYOND, not below. There is nothing WRONG with us, but instead something VERY right. When you medicate your child and demean them by stripping them of their truth and identify them with labels that call them “disordered” you are numbing them and killing their very special life purpose. Along with that you are stunting your own growth and ability to evolve as a world.

You see our kids and some of us are the citizens of the future. You are right! They are differnt, they learn different, process differently and I am sorry but last time I checked, different did not equal WRONG. They have come here to shake things up, to change the way our current system works. Your children are more evolved then you are and are pushing you to evolve as well so that our world can transend as it is meant to. These souls are extremely intellegant shown by their genius I.Q.’s but they need their sensitive minds and bodies to be stimulated with something they are exceptionally interested in at all times. Spirituality is second nature, it is where “indigo children” feel at HOME. Classical acadamia is not the focus as it does not resonate with their souls purpose or what they know to be important or true in this world. At the same time they can out read anyone (IF it is a favorite subject). Indigo’s are VERY quick to move to learn and to “get it” so please don’t talk too long as they will get annoyed and bored 😉 They know more than we can express and this is frustrating and they may act out. They are extremely gifted in creativitiy and have natural kinetic abilities that are extraordiary. If they have imaginary friends thats because wthey can see beyond the veil so please don’t take that away from them.

By nature the Indigo souls are warriors! They are strong willed and do not forgo their truth for anyone especially authority figures that are not in their own integrity. Indigo kids will not respect you unless you are honest and respect them back. These children can seem angry, frustrated, distracted and expressive as kids . . . wouldn’t you be too if NO ONE UNDERSTOOD you but you knew the truth?

Think about these simple truths before you go ahead and give your child a label! Before you think they are not like “every other kid” so there must be something WRONG with them. Stop trying to raise middle men and allow your angelic little one to be the angel they were born to be. Allow them their wings so they can fly. With these tragic labels, you will cause more pain then you can imagine and you will in essense ruin your childs life. It is time to look into the TRUTH!

All of this and much much more in my book INDIGO=In The Know! Look for it end of 2013.

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