Hello tribe,

I hope you all had a beautiful week. Mine was a little bit interesting. I ended up in the emergency room on Monday due to a complex migraine. Many of us are experiencing health challenges at this time. In my opinion, the stressors of the world are finding their way into our immune systems one way or another. This also tells me that we are being called back to SELF and RELAXATION. The state of no resistance is the most natural state we can exist in. With all that is happening in our world, we are unconsciously in a state of resistance to it and this is taking its toll.

My little wake up call this week was to care for myself and love myself with all that I have. As you know, I am busy all week caring for my beautiful clients, my puppy and my dear friends and family. But once in a while, I FORGET to give myself some of that lovin’ too.

When I was sitting in the hospital bed, I had a little conversation with God. I saw this as a lesson. I saw this as an opportunity. I thought about who I would tell about my situation. How would they react and ultimately who deserved to know? Oftentimes, we get sick as a call for love. But what about getting sick as our body’s way of calling for our OWN LOVE?

I did a little experiment and told very few people. Instead, I sat with myself and instead of looking for external sympathy, I did a cool little exercise I want to share with you all, because it turned out to be life changing.

Lay in your bed and think about a furnace. Think about how it heats up until the fire is blazing. Now picture you doing this with your love in your own body. Heat up your own self love more and more until it is a furnace of love inside of you. Now look at others and notice your furnace so strong. Notice the love you get to feel even when others are not showing you love. Notice the thoughts you have about a lost love, a potential love or an uncertain love. None of it feels anxious when your love furnace is raging. Notice this and see how true it is to be loved and healed unconditionally at all times when it comes from YOU and not dependent on others.

Most of us unconsciously leave our own love behind when others are not showing us our lovability. We abandon our own self until our love interest loves us back. We leave our tank empty, because our love is over there with the person we assigned it to. BUT, what about YOU? You wouldn’t want to leave your inner child all alone, because someone else decided to have a bad day and treat you less than you are able to treat yourself.

As my own self love has grown over the years, it has become abundantly clear to me that I do not have tolerance for anyone who treats me less loving than I treat myself. It makes things much easier when you have a baseline of self love to go on. You notice what you deserve simply because that is how you treat yourself. When others love you in subpar ways, it is easier for you to recognize their wounding and not make it yours.

As we love ourselves, we naturally make new choices that always align with what is best for us, because it comes from love. LOVE is the way we heal ourselves.

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently enjoying this time with myself as I take a little time to rest, relax and reconnect in the most beautiful way.

Here is a new video for you this week: The Only Way to Heal Relationship Addiction





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Lots of fun things happening at Candace van Dell Inc., so please stay tuned and thank you so much for your support and love.

Have an amazing week!

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