There is this thing I like to call, the authentic thread. I like it so much I designed a website around it 😉

To me, the authentic thread is the thread of TRUTH that connects us all. But here is something most people refuse to grasp about the truth. The truth can only be tapped into when you are in the NOW. When we are living in our minds, living in our past, holding resentment, regret, anger, anything that is carried over from a PAST EXPERIENCE. . . .we are not in the NOW.

Have you ever noticed the freedom you feel when you fall in love with someone? In my opinion THIS is the essence of NOW. When we are in LOVE, we are completely present to the energy of the moment. We are so engaged in our positive emotions that we are not in any way attached to the past or the future. We are only concentrated on our blissful reality that is unfolding in the now.

When we are swept away in our new love we also tend to “allow” things to flow. We allow our TRUST in the universe to carry us from one moment to the next. We don’t want this synchronicity to stop because it is so exciting and it feels so good. But often times something happens to put a tear in this wonderful flow, this deep love affair, this idea of perfection we see in another person. What this is, is our MINDS perception of an event or a behavior that reminds us of our PAST experience that might not have been so blissful. This is where fear, anxiety and doubt come in. This is also the moment where you STOP your connection to source, higher self, the universe and start your connection to your mind. This is the moment of pain, disconnection and also an excuse to stop believing in our dreams, what we want, what is possible etc.

So I am here to tell you how you can stop yourself from stopping your own flow. If you were to see that every relationship we are in is nothing more than a reflection of our own selves, then you can see how what you think you NEED from that relationship is actually the ability to SEE yourself more clearly. You are being given a mirror so that you can KNOW yourself better. Whatever “goes wrong” in that relationship is a reflection of what you do to yourself at some deeper level, it is also a reflection of what you allow in your life.

To stay in the flow of the present moment which is the only place truth exists, we must commit to staying present NO MATTER WHAT. So if something “happens” to pull you out of the moment like fear or external events, realize that anything that is not love is not real. You have the power to allow these things to take you out or to not give them that power. If you are perceiving a present situation with fear, you are perceiving it through the eyes of a past event that caused you pain or worry about future pain.

To bring yourself back to the present moment you must allow the feelings of fear and by allowing them you will be able to see that these feelings come from thoughts. Do not allow them to control you but instead try to simply observe them. At this point we have the opportunity to see how it is we have allowed this event or person to stop our flow of love, trust, connection. We can see what it was and we can decide that we are going to stay present anyway. We can do this by understanding that no one can stop our connection from NOW except US. Events will happen, people will leave BUT you do not need to leave yourself.

The most simple way to stay in the NOW at all times is to commit to yourself that no matter what, nothing is more painful then disconnecting from everything you have ever wanted. Everything you have ever wanted can ONLY happen in the energy of NOW.

When we allow fear etc. to take us out of the moment we are going back into the reality of our past or the anxiety of our future and we are no longer aligned with the POWER OF NOW.

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