Hello lovely tribe,

The theme for November’s teachings is Karmic Relationships.  What is a karmic relationship and how does it differ from others?

When I think of karma, I think of cause and effect. I think of serious life lessons and I also think about healing or upgrading patterns that hold us back from our ultimate happiness and freedom.

Often times people think their soulmate is actually the person they feel the most intensity with.  We can see how karmic relationships could be masked as soulmates because when we are not yet feeling whole on our own, we look for our other half (our SOUL mate).  BUT, after we do some significant healing, we start to see that we are in fact whole on our own and we do not need to compromise who we are in anyway to be with another.  There is no mate that will be our other half, but when we find our own other half in our own shadow, we can attract a life partner that feels harmonious, relaxed and natural.

In my opinion these karmic relationships are almost a precursor to our ultimate partnership with self and then another.

These relationships will bring up as much trauma, unresolved issues and anything else we have band-aided from our past.  The purpose of these intense relationships is to bring the darkness to life.  I explain more in this new video.


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