Hello beautiful souls,

This week a lot of the talk in my groups has been around the integration of the old self. As we heal and start to reclaim our TRUE SELF, we are faced with a difficult venture.

We are faced with our purpose. This may seem exciting to you because it is, BUT in order for us to truly step into purpose, we must integrate the past.

I had a client this week that told me she was suffering from self doubt and judgment. This was surprising you may think, because it happened just after we designed her business plan and she was on fire with that for two weeks. She was stumped, confused and stuck.

I asked her why she thinks she was stuck? She said she sensed judgment, but did not know where it was coming from. We started talking about her new business and purpose and she immediately LIT UP AGAIN. I told her that she is not confused about her purpose, but she is confused about why she is not 100% in trust with it. I asked her why her clients will be? She said, “Well the people have to go through what I just went through.” This is correct, our audience is the unhealed version of us. So I asked her about her old unhealed self. Immediately she was resistant and said, “I do not want to go back to her.” There is the judgment. She was judging her old self that had helped her move to the place of healing she is in today.

I remember this stage as well so it was easy for me to coach her through it with deep compassion. So many of us run from the person we were because we believe our new self is the healed version. This is true, BUT the old self needs you. You cannot leave her or him out there in the cold. We need to practice compassionate self-forgiveness for ever buying into the belief that we do not deserve to enjoy this new version. For believing that our old version was ever our fault or shameful in any way.

Our old self needs more love not less. Our old self was the bad ass warrior who handled the pain the only way she/ he knew how to AT THAT TIME. I encourage us all to see that the old versions of ourselves simply need the new version to re-parent and love that part with unconditional love, the love that no one else was able to give which is why she/ he was the way they were in the first place. As you love that part of you and integrate her/him, your purpose will become blatantly clear to you.

We cannot step into our higher purpose unless we are fully integrated.

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I hope you are all enjoying this great time of healing and awakening. Please join me on Instagram for IG lives coming soon @candacevandell

I am sending you all an abundance of love and light.




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