Hi tribe,

I’ve been thinking about you all so much this past week!! COVID has really been bringing up a lot for all of us. Many of my highly sensitive clients have been talking with me about their ORIGINAL WOUNDS (that they thought they healed) being Re-triggered!!!

This is a REAL thing and think about it. Our paradigm is shifting!! The egoic societal or material forces are lifting. We are at home being forced to feel our emotions more. The distractions are not so easy to run to and we are coming face to face with FAMILY (stuff).

Now is the time to do our inner work and step up into our most empowered emotional guidance. We are being asked to connect with our hearts by using our spiritual tools.

I have also been hearing from many people that financial fears are BIG right now!! So, I decided to create something that can help us with all of these things.

I have just launched my “mini group coaching” program called INNER WORK (5 people max) per group. This group is an intimate community that will be focused on codependency (unhealed Empaths) and narcissistic abuse dynamics.

In my other groups (Truth Room Tribe monthly membership) and Emotional Rehab (12-week program), one of the BIGGEST comments is how healing it is to be seen, heard and understood by a GROUP of people who are awesome and also going through the exact same thing.

So here is the link, JOIN HERE  


INNER WORK is a small fraction of the price of my one-on-one coaching. This is truly for YOU but also me because the insights that flow through me BECAUSE of you is a gift I can’t even describe!

Class starts April 16th & 17th, you can click HERE to check available times!! Please don’t wait as we start soon.

I have also received a few messages from you this week about Emotional Rehab being closed for enrollment. We have decided to open enrollment again until April 15th!

If you wish to join, please CLICK HERE and use CODE: 797discount for the nearly 40% off we were offering in the previous week.

Here are a couple new videos released this week!


Highly sensitive people experience this…


When the Empath Thinks They Are the Narcissist


If you haven’t already checked out my free ebook here it is.


Why Do I Attract Narcissists

I appreciate you all and am always here to answer any questions you have on your journey!

Lots of Love,


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