FEELING DIFFERENT is a common theme for indigo’s. Whether you are a child or an adult, in some way, by someone or by many we have been told that we are weird, different, unique. After awhile this becomes painful and almost negative. We are extremely sensitive and just feel and experience things differently. It is one thing to be unique and different or weird and still be accepted by society or the school system or even be like our own families, but many of us are not. Many of us have been greatly misunderstood our entire lives.

One of the key indigo traits is that we are in fact “different” then our families. We are the one that stands out. Not a black sheep but more just because we “think” differently and act differently than our original tribe we were born into.

Another big difference is that many of us have a very natural and very obvious connection with something “bigger” than ourselves. We become aware of a higher power early on in life. When I was young I would get “inspiration” and write stories, write poetry, paint, draw and play music. Some of the things I would write or draw I knew did not come from me but rather THROUGH me. I knew there was something much higher happening and this is why I believe a lot of times ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) can be better defined as ATTENTION DIALED TO A HIGHER DIMENSION. Many indigo’s are given this label and then medicated. We are dreamers, visionaries and intuitive, we are not learning disabled. We are simply NOT interested and bored by what we are being asked to focus on.

We have this awareness of a higher connection and we never lose it. What occurs in our society today is that we are told over and over that we are different etc so we try to be “normal” and in doing that we disconnect ourselves temporarily. We don’t know why we are rejected or just plain “too sensitive”. We often start to deny ourselves of our own way of being and negative patterns start to take over. Many indigo’s get into self harm, depression and isolation because they simply do not want to be DIFFERENT and they truthfully don’t know how 😉

Personally I am tired of hearing this story over and over again. When I was growing up, I was literally the ONLY one this was happening too so I felt for sure there was just something wrong with me. Today I coach children, teens and adults all over the world via skype. I teach skills, intuitive strategies and exercises to help people stay connected or reconnect to their innate wisdom. By doing this work I have come to see with complete certainty that many of these people, like myself have numbed, denied or starved out of them their own “truth” because that is how they have been treated by the majority.

You actually ARE different and that difference is a special gift that has guided you on your life path. That special ability is something everyone can aquire, but you were born remembering it and you have a very strong connection to it for a reason. It is a very difficult up hill battle at times because you feel it is you against the world. All you need to do is first OWN YOUR TRUTH. Own all of what you are and when you can love it completely, you can become the example of a new way of being. You are the front runners in the paradigm shift that is occurring. You are the ones who will be living examples of the change this world needs to make. You are connected to a higher power and you get to live in synchronicity and show others how to as well. Your path is not meant to be the same as everyone else, you were born to stand out . . . . but in a GOOD way! As soon as we give up this idea that we must fit in, we can become our true selves. That is what needs to change. We need more support and less judgment. It is time for everyone, the world at large to honor the unique qualities and gifts in all of us and stop forcing everyone into ONE box. Instead of medicating our kids so they fit the norm, we need to support our kids and ourselves to stand in our truth and create change in the system.

For more info or to book a skype coaching session with Candace email her in the “contact” section of her website. www.theauthenticthread.com

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Candace van Dell

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