Hi tribe,

Wow what interesting times we are in right now!! Mother Earth has certainly asked us to meet her needs so that she can HEAL. A good example of what we all need to do in regards to our own personal needs for safety, health and boundaries right now. The world needs us to slow the heck down and turn inward. We need to Heal by getting REAL about what really matters. Coming back to our core values, family values, and higher calling.

This virus has made it so OBVIOUS that we are all the same. It is also painfully obvious how one action can affect the collective. The illusions of separation have been illuminated. No more social events, dinners out, measures of status or what is better, worse, privileged or not. We are ALL in this together. We are all equal and have the equal possibility of getting this virus or preventing this Thing. In fact, by seeing our neighbors as ourselves we can take actions that can HEAL the world one soul at a time.

In the meantime, there is a huge rise in the fear consciousness. So many feels, worries, stress and uncertainty! It took me about 48 hours to integrate the new energies around me and my community. I immediately focused first on GROUNDING!! Meditation x 2! No alcohol, limited news, mandatory connection with friends online and by phone and FaceTime. Stretches and walks. The last three days I have raked up 18 miles with Bodhi 🐶.

I have created this daily routine to keep my thoughts organized and emotions in check! If you have my Spiritual Fitness Workbook, please start doing the chapters to process emotions.

If you are in my monthly membership, please tune into my live calls every Friday at 10am (Pacific).

Thankfully, all of my coaching sessions are online so that hasn’t changed. But I want to do more. I will be hosting FREE live guided meditations very soon. I am also offering 20% off all of my session packages and online courses including Emotional Rehab (which is still open for enrollment until April 1).

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If you are able to I highly recommend joining this 12 week program, Emotional Rehab! It’s an amazing community of all types of people from all over the world. We also meet each week on Sunday for Love calls. It breaks down to less than $5 a day for your soul food! This is the time we need to feed our soul and starve the fears.

Please make sure to check my YouTube channel for more content. Here are a few new videos to help elevate the energy within and around you!

The Other Side of Shadow Work


How to Shift Your Outer Reality


I am here for you, please don’t hesitate to email me, DM, comment on a video etc. This is the time to connect, reflect and rise!

Big Love,

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