This subject has come up a lot lately in my coaching sessions.  We all deal with uncertainty differently, but the majority of us feel some fear and or anxiety come up when things are not definite in our lives.

I have gone through the most uncertainty of my entire life these past two years and I had to come up with some healthy coping mechanisms so I could continue to ground myself, grow my business and be there for my clients.

Let’s think about it for a moment.  When things are certain, it gives us a sense of security, safety and structure.  When things are uncertain, we feel unsafe, insecure and fearful or out of control.  One of the first things I did when I was going through my uncertain times was to focus on what was certain.  But also I shifted my perception to see the benefit of living in a gray area. Nothing was black or white, it was all just gray which meant POSSIBILITY, CREATIVITY and the ability to literally ART DIRECT my life (life by design).

So often we want to act impulsively so that we can have that sense of certainty.  But more often than not, when we do this we choose incorrectly for ourselves.  We make impulsive decisions just so we can KNOW.

But what if I told you I have found total freedom in the unknown! I also found a deeper well of creativity within me and the courage to RISK new things and ways of being.

If we can hold “uncertainty” as an opportunity to change, grow and elaborate, we can find comfort in this opening to our expanded reality.

I have just moved (again)… Ha Ha… talk about uncertainty! I am just getting settled into our new home and will be filming a bunch of new content for you ASAP. Please stay tuned and share!

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