Hello beautiful souls,

As many of you know, I spend the majority of my week coaching clients whom I LOVE from around the world. What I love most about this calling is that I get to see first hand how very much the same we all are. Each week, I also notice a very cool synchronicity between the “collective” issues many people are experiencing all at the same time. I call this the collective consciousness that we get to tap into.

If you are highly sensitive, you can sometimes experience this as feeling like the “weight of the world” or not being sure if what you are feeling actually belongs to you… ha ha.

But this week, many of you have been talking about your ‘triggers” in a new way. After doing the inner work for a while, you may notice that you start to have what I call NEW EYES. You start to become the neutral observer of your emotional experiences rather than becoming overwhelmed by them. This is an awesome experience and very transformative for many reasons. As we take a step back from our emotional triggers, we can also see the patterns around them.

I had one client share with me this week that she was starting to have a huge amount of revelations all at once. It was like she could see the real reality rather than her “filter” or perceived reality. This is when we start to see the TRUTH behind the wound. When we can start to see the truth of a situation rather than what our triggers are telling us, we can start to also TRUST our own perception of reality more and more.

If you grew up feeling emotionally invalidated or neglected or maybe you came from a bit of a dysfunctional home or simply felt misunderstood, chances are your emotional needs took a back seat or were misunderstood or minimized.

When this happens, we don’t get to fully integrate or understand our own feelings or how to process them and things can feel OVERWHELMING. When this overwhelm comes or we get “triggered” often, we can’t see clearly. We start to make assumptions, create projections and often develop unhealthy coping mechanisms so that we don’t have to FEEL THESE UNCOMFORTABLE FEELINGS.

Today, I want to share with you a few ways to “self soothe” those emotional triggers so you can start to step outside of the severity of them and into a more calm place.

Step 1 – Identity what triggered you
Step 2 – Ask yourself WHY this triggered you
Step 3 – Ask yourself what have you made this mean?
Step 4 – Look for evidence that you might be wrong about this assumption
Step 5 – Even though the trigger is telling you something, don’t fight it, allow it and continue to look for evidence that it may be wrong
Step 6 – Notice other times you have felt this EXACT same way (patterns don’t confirm a truth about you, they confirm your belief about you). Patterns change when the way we see ourselves changes.
Step 7 – When you start to see other possibilities for what could REALLY be happening, notice the feeling melt away and notice all the other times from the past you may be able to heal now to.
Step 8 – Thank yourself for looking into this instead of letting your power be taken once again.
Step 9 – Reward yourself with some self-care.

Self Soothing is one of the MOST IMPORTANT things we can do as we learn to SELF VALIDATE and upgrade old limiting beliefs, patterns, triggers and pain. When you take the few minutes to stop, pause, breathe and walk yourself through this explorative process, you are already doing a “pattern interrupt”. You are tricking your subconscious mind to get present and not just run away on the assumption train. As we interrupt our patterns, we put space in between our reactions and they naturally start to become responses.

Give this a try!

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I hope you are all staying safe and staying home!

I am sending you all an abundance of LOVE & LIGHT,


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