Hello Tribe,

I am so grateful for this beautiful community! We have grown so strong and insightful together. Each and everyone of you who is working on your own inner work is adding to the collective consciousness of this planet one soul at a time and I want to thank you for that.

As we navigate the holiday season, please know it is normal to feel old childhood wounds surface. It is normal to feel more deeply and to have some triggers that may bring things up for even deeper healing and clearing.

You guys know I am all about “getting real about how you feel so you can heal.” I have been coming face to face with some new insights of my own lately around childhood and past pain. I relate to it totally differently these days. I relate to my past pain in a way that actually connects me more deeply with myself and the divine.

I see things as a permission slip to have MORE compassion for the inner child, more SELF CARE AND CONNECTION to myself and to BRING IN my higher powers more regularly if not always.

Don’t be afraid if you think you have cleared something, but then it comes up with additional feelings or insights. What I have learned during these times is that it is really just the part of us that NEEDS OUR LOVE. It just wants to know that you see it now with clarity, you no longer deny it and that these feelings are understood for what they are and safe with YOU.

I love this process, because it is an opportunity for us to integrate more with ourselves. To not identify with the pain, but to embrace it so that it can be soothed. The parts of us that once felt unseen, unloved, unworthy or simply like we did not matter.

YOU do matter and always did. Now you get to remind yourself of this each and everyday by being present with whatever is (without judgment and without resistance).

We need to stop treating ourselves the way we were treated by others. As we drop those voices in our heads and realize a new way, we can forge a new path. My new path looks like aligning with my HEART in all ways without question. My boundaries are on fire at the moment and I don’t feel any stomach tinge about it 😉

BOUNDARIES are the key to coming back to yourself, for being able to fully LIVE AS YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF regardless of others. But also boundaries give us the ability to CHOOSE real love over toxic love. Freedom over feeling trapped and ourselves over OTHERS. Boundaries also allow us to say, “nope, I am not coming to the holiday dinner if that doesn’t feel right.”

Boundaries remind you of who you truly are. Many of your boundaries were taken from you in the past. When your boundaries are broken, things do not feel good. Things feel off and that is because they are off according to your moral code. With healthy boundaries, you can easily see how a healthy environment will HONOR those and not challenge them. Anytime you feel your boundaries or inner guidance being bumped up again, that is a NO! And please don’t be afraid to exercise that word these days.

The holidays are a perfect time to practice HONORING our boundaries with actions that align with how that inner feeling is talking to us. TRUST it, follow it and you will not be sorry ;-). Others may not like it, but your body, health and future will.

Here are a couple of new videos for you!!











You will see that in each of these videos, BOUNDARIES are a game changer 😉

For this reason, I have created my new mini course BOUNDARIES BOOTCAMP just for you. We have a waitlist here. We hope to open enrollment for this mini course before the end of the year.

Also big announcement: INNER WORK Group Coaching Classes are coming back starting in Jan 2022. Sign up to be added to the Waitlist here.

Starting Dec. 1 we will be opening EMOTIONAL REHAB & SHADOW WORK for Jan 2022 start date. Watch the info video here.

The TRUTH ROOM Monthly Membership will be having some changes starting Jan 2022. Please check it out now! This is our highly sensitive community. We come together each week over zoom to connect, support and relate to like minded souls.

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Sending an abundance of love and light,


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