Many of you may not even know that you are Indigo. So let’s start with some basics! If you FEEL everything, meaning you are extraordinarily SENSITIVE to others emotions, foods you eat, clothing you wear and the environment you are in . . . there is a BIG chance that you are indigo.

Do you learn differently? You may have been labeled as having ADD or ADHD? Are you just not able to or have any desire to CONFORM to the societal restrictions or measures? If you were a child or are an adult who has an iron clad STRONG WILL and KNOW you have a much bigger purpose in this world then you can even comprehend and you match many of the qualities above, you just might be Indigo.

I like to think of us indigo’s as the warriors of CHANGE. Due to our warrior-like energy and our refusal to conform to the way our current system is set up, we run into a LOT of frustration. For this reason I have created a section of my blog called “Indigo Tips”.

Today’s tip is about BOUNDARIES!

I coach a LOT of indigo’s on a regular basis and one of our most obvious trait and sometimes cause of problems in our lives is our lack of boundaries. This is not a negative thing at all, in fact it is part of our gift but in the world we live in it can bring us confusion and stress. My goal and mission is to help you relieve your stress and confusion and assist you in coming into more peace and understanding.

Indigo’s are extremely sensitive and have expanded auras (energy fiels) so what that means is that our own boundary (emotion, feeling, thoughts) can be confused with those of the others in our surroundings. We need to learn skills to focus our own energy and create our own boundary so that we become anchored in what is TRUE for us or our TRUE SELVES, rather than always feeling swayed, affected or chaotic due to the multiple messages we received all at one time.


1. {C}MEDITATION can come in many forms and they all work equally as well. Meditation is quieting the mind and focusing on the heart or your higher self. When we do this, it is highly beneficial to us in many ways. We are connecting to “source”, “god”, “universe”, “higher self”, whatever you would like to call it. When we do this, we are allowing our highest potential to come through, we are aligning with what is best for us. If you find it difficult to sit in stillness then I suggest saying a daily prayer or affirmation about boundaries. I also suggest writing it down. This would look something like this “ My intention is to know my true self, to have the discernment of what is my own thought, feeling, reality and to choose that every step of the way”. An affirmation such as this will be very helpful in building a healthy boundary towards knowing one’s self and always acting in alignment with your highest good.

2. {C}CHECK IN with yourself. When something comes up that feels uncertain, stressful, negative, take a beat and do not react (indigo’s love to react 😉 instead become the observer of that “feeling” and see where it is coming from. Is it coming from your own misinterpretation of something? Is it someone else’s “stuff” you are taking on? Or is it your own true interpretation? If it is your own then I suggest to allow yourself to go into that feeling and see what comes up. The #1 worst thing we can EVER do is to deny our own emotions. So allow it to come forward and see what it says. After that you will want to work with the “misinterpretations, fears or limitations” do this simply by allowing them and then reframing them back to a loving place. An example is “I feel fear because it reminds me of (xyz). Then allow yourself to feel what you felt at the time of (xyz). After you do this you can literally see how it was a misinterpretation of something other than love. When we see this we can then inject our own loving into that old situation and observe how quickly it clears.

3. {C}UNDERSTANDING is in itself a high form of healing ourselves. When we can simply come into the awareness of what is happening to us, we can start to understand that we are not crazy, there is nothing wrong with us, but it is actually that we have a gift of over sensitivity. When we can see ourselves in our truth which is always positive we are able to start accepting ourselves. With self acceptance comes self love and with self love comes true love for others.

I hope today’s tip was helpful for you!

Have a beautiful day!


Candace van Dell

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