Do you ever notice how the SAME issues come up in every relationship? Are you attracting the same type of guy even though he appeared different at the beginning? The same arguments come up between you and family or friends? Do you have issues with money and it just will not change? Do you seem to attract the same work environment over and over again and it is just NOT what you want?

Well this is what I call an “unwanted pattern”! These patterns are put in place a realllllly long time ago from misinterpretations we created at a really young age. Most of these are unconscious and that is why we keep creating them over and over again. We are seeing things in a way that keeps the pattern STUCK!

It is my greatest joy to use my gift of seeing beyond the “normal” perception into your energy field to help you see where these patterns began, why they have stuck around and HOW to eradicate them NOW!

If you would like to create instant CHANGE in your life and clear these patterns right away, please join me for this super fun and interactive hour!

WATCH VIDEO to see how this works and what I do 😉

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