Hello beautiful tribe,

I don’t want you to be upset about how you feel. I don’t want you to ever judge, disregard or deny what you feel. Our feelings guide us and help us navigate through false beliefs, misinterpretations and also past trauma. They are not to be overlooked or shamed, but also we are not to identify with what we feel. We are not our feelings, we are the awareness behind them.

My Emotional Rehab course is beginning again on May 1. We open TODAY for early discount enrollment. In this course we will become the observer of our emotions that are often too difficult to bear and too confusing to understand. When we are in a state of overwhelm, we accidentally identify with what we feel. This can be dangerous. If we feel shame, we believe there is something wrong with us. If we feel guilt, we feel we did something wrong or what we feel is wrong. All of this leads us to not trusting ourselves.

In my course, you will regain self trust, but also a trust in the bigger process of your life. You will also uncover inner child wounds and gifts that will bring you the wisdom of WHY certain things needed to happen the way they did and what you can do now to empower your experiences.

Our pain becomes our purpose if we give ourselves permission to HEAL. I am honored to be your guide on the journey through emotional intelligence, tribal wound healing and understanding your original wounding once and for all.

For those of you who have already taken Emotional Rehab, please know that we will be opening SHADOW WORK for enrollment next week and we will start that course May 1st as well. So please be sure to be on the waitlist!! I am beyond excited to finally share my latest labor of love with you. I will be sharing my personal experiences of healing my shadow and I will reveal to you a completion of my own shadow aspect…. it’s BIG!

This work is incredible, but also challenging and worth it. When we get to live free, in our own power and understand it all along the way….. there is nothing better 😉

We will begin May 1, 2021.






SHADOW WORK will open for enrollment next week.
Be sure you get on the waitlist today.

Sending you all so much love and light,



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