When you truly come into the awareness that we are ALL truly equal in all ways, peace sets in. It is embarrassing to admit that I have only come into this knowing. It is one thing to “get the idea” of this truth, but it is a completley different reality to sit in the “knowing”.

My career as a spiritual life coach has shifted my reality in ways I could never explain. I will try my best to share the magnitude of gratitude I have for this work but I know I will fall short because there is nothing like sitting in the space of wisdom from experience.

Each day I get to connect with people of all ages around the world and hear about their struggles, their confusion, their insights and their pain. I get to use my intuition to guide my sessions and my experinces to relate. I get to connect the dots and see that we are ALL truly the same. We all have pain and we all have had a similar experince in life of varying degrees. We have all felt in some way that we do not measure up, that we are different or alone, falling short or unworthy. You may not want to admit this, but the fact is that it is true. This is why we are all here, to remember our worth but not from the ego mind, rather from the seat of the soul.

By coaching such a diverse group of people, I have truly come to see my own perspective on the ego completely shift. I can see how even I was still dealing with ego perceptions and the hierarchy of humans. I am talking about the “perception” that someone is better or worse than us due to looks, success, experience or status. We all have this tendency and it might not even be conscious. We do not completely wake up to the truth until we can finally see that no one is any better or any worse at all in any shape or form. We are all exactly the same, cut from the same cloth called the Universe. The only thing that separates us is the ego. The ego lives to make us believe we are not meausreing up or that we are some how superior.

The truth is, once we come into seeing ourselves as the same and dropping that filter of ego, we truly come into our own state of peace and boy is it heavenly. For years we try so hard to prove that we are good, better than or superior in some way . . . . to what? When you really think about it, all we are doing is trying to convince OURSELVES that we are enough. So why don’t we feel we are enough? For many reasons but in my opinion, our society feeds the ego and starves the soul.

What we can do is start to nurture our own soul and in turn put the ego where it belongs . . . in the back seat. The ego can start to work for us by supporting our soul but only when we KNOW that our work on this earth is to serve, not be served. Only when we wake up enough to understand that good work can only be done from a state of wholeness. We can not possiblly change the world if we are still living for the validation of the current state of society.

Think about it! I encourage you to take a pause in your day and really see how we are all just flesh, blood and a soul. We have different personalities and missions but we are all exactly the same. Some of us were born more awake or have awakened and we can be the leaders but we all have the same potential. My work in this world is to facilitate this shift one soul at a time and while I do it I get to shift myself into a higher state of being. What is better than that?

Namaste my friends,


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