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If you are a highly sensitive person, you also probably have issues around BOUNDARIES!!

Boundaries are a massive subject for all people, especially those of us who are sensitive to energies as well as emotions.

Growing up I had a major problem deciphering if what I was feeling was actually mine or someone else in the room. This is a gift that can often feel like a curse.

One of the things I have been talking about lately in my coaching calls is “losing yourself in a relationship.” Many empaths have this issue. There is this almost “guilt” that can arise to make you think that you do not deserve to focus on yourself when someone else is in your heart. This can happen for a few different reasons. Number one, you may already have an uncertain identity. If this is you, then you are looking to anchor your sense of wellbeing to another. If the other person is not happy, YOU are not happy.

Another reason is that you grew up in a household where your needs were not allowed or important. This made you attach your caregiving to others and you learned to prioritize others’ needs over your own. In fact, you may not even be aware of what your needs are.

The third reason is that you are lacking self-love and you are unconsciously giving to another in hopes they will take care of you in return. When they don’t, you are devastated and when they do, you often do not believe them and still can’t feel the love, because you have blocked it due to not knowing what you deserve.

So what can we do? We MUST anchor to ourselves. No matter how uncomfortable it may be, we must get really good at emotional autonomy.

We have to create a daily practice of checking in with our vision. The steps we are taking to create that vision and also working towards the inner wound healing so that we can feel safe with the thought that we might just be ok on our own. Now whether you are afraid to be alone or not, it is highly important to KNOW that you would be ok and to actually feel comfortable with the idea that you are enough, you are loved, you are supported, protected, and happy just because you are you.

Here is my latest video to explain further.

Codependency: Do you lose yourself in a relationship?

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