Hi Tribe,

I hope you are all finding some fun and creative things to do at home. I also want to send out an extra dose of love to any of you who are really having a hard time right now with the loss, the pain and the fears that come up. I would like to offer further insight about how this pandemic is effecting our emotional wounds and what we can do.

Later this week, I will be releasing a new video called the 4 Main Wounds Triggered by COVID-19. So, please be sure to be subscribed to my YouTube channel so that you receive it as soon as it is released. Subscribe here.

The four wounds that are being deeply triggered at this time are abandonment, rejection, uncertainty and loneliness. What I would call “narcissistic injuries”. When we are conditioned and programmed in a society that tells you what is right and wrong, good or bad, better or worse, we get ego wounds that I also call emotional wounds.

Because of this, we develop parts of ourselves that forget we are always enough, always loved and connected by source and the part of us that forgot who we TRULY are.

When we look at the social distancing, we see the negative side, but the positive side is that we get to take a little time to go WITHIN and feel our feelings and PAUSE. We get to disconnect from the external authorities that be and find our own “wise guide inside.” Our world is being asked to pause and take a look at what is working in our individual lives and what truly is no longer aligned. Mother earth is trying to heal herself and that means releasing this external way of living and connect with our internal abundance, power and genius.

In my opinion, we are being asked to look at this separation and see that we don’t need to fight each other, but we need to come together and start fighting the virus by doing our own individual efforts of STAYING HOME and tapping back into our inner world of intuition, insight and creativity and less on society, old systems and external authority. This virus is the great equalizer. Without societal norms we can see that we are all the same.

We are all in this together and we are all going through the changes together.

It is effecting us all in different ways but also the same… But isn’t that the truth. We are all different, but the same and as we can embrace our differences we can see the beauty in the collective rather than the differences between us and the standards, status and measures we so often lose ourselves to.

These 4 original wounds were created by conditioning and programming, when those conditions and programs break down, we can start to see our fears, triggers and wounds in a new way and help one another to heal by COMING TOGETHER in new ways. Through compassion, acceptance, community we can rise! I have been Facetiming with friends every week and having group friend dates on Zoom. Just because we can’t go out doesn’t mean we have to disconnect.

I love you all and I am here for you!

Here are a couple of new videos from last week:

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