Today’s blog is inspired by a coaching session I had earlier today with one of my clients in Canada. We were talking today about needing “OTHERS” as a reinforcement of our purpose. I introduced one of the facilitation strategies I like to use called “Inner Focus”. I teach this strategy to clients when I see that they are struggling with being who they truly are due to their OUTTER experience. When we are dependent on our outer experience to create our inner reality we are setting ourselves up for victimhood as well as a feeling of powerlessness.

The truth is that outer experience is a REFLECTION of our inner reality. So if we continue to look outside ourselves for validation, confirmation and fulfillment, we are always going to receive the reality that already exists. Expansion and happiness are an inside job. If you believe that your outer experience is a reflection of your inner reality then the outside can only ever reflect what is currently happening inside of you. We must change from the inside, we must begin to love ourselves and become happy from within.

So during our session today I shared a perspective that really clicked everything into place. Let’s say that you are the sun. The sun does not depend on the moon to continue to shine and be the sun, the sun is the sun because the sun was created to shine. The sun will be warm, bright and full whether there are other stars that appear or not. Whether there are other planets that shine because of the suns light or not. You see, the sun is not dependent on anything for its essence other than the sun. The sun does not decide to stop shinning because others do not decide to stand in the suns light, the sun owns her light.

The purpose of this metaphor is to understand that who we are is not dependent on anything outside of us. We are who we are simply because we are. We do not need to be needed or validated or acknowledged on a constant basis to remain who we are. We are already enough, purposeful and complete by just BEING.

When we start to understand that we create our own reality, we begin to see that how we are feeling is what we are attracting. When we understand that our purpose does NOT depend on outside circumstances, we begin to see that we have the ability to feel GOOD anywhere at any time regardless of what is going on. When you feel good anywhere at any time you are CREATING that emotion. We cut ourselves off from feeling PEACE by thinking we need others in order to be purposeful or validated. When you allow yourself to just BE THE SUN no matter who is watching, you get to feel warm, bright and full all of the time.

I hope you have a beautiful day


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