Did you know that ALL of our relationships are a direct reflection of our relationship to our TRUE SELVES? Those parts of yourself that are running the show and you are not even aware of??? That is the unconscious part of yourself that you have not yet integrated. Your shadow as I like to call it was created when you were really young. Society sets us up well to make it in the world but often times we learn to disconnect from our own inner guidance system when we feel there are things about us that are not accepted or loved for who we truly are. The key to attracting TRUE LOVE is to love your TRUE SELF. We search for the “IDEAL” mate because we have only learned to love the “IDEAL” parts of ourselves. We are conditional with ourselves and attract others who love us conditionally as well. Once we get REALLY honest with ourselves and upgrade our belief system, we naturally reconnect with that inner wisdom that has been there all along. We no longer need to attract partners who will highlight the parts of us that get revealed so that they can be healed. Your first step to finding true love is to truly find your TRUE SELF. Join me for this Skype workshop starting this Thursday at 11am PST, Friday 11am and 4pm PST.

To sign up please email candacevandell@gmail.com to let me know what time you would like.

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