Well I am and I love talking about us 😉

Have you always felt that you were greatly misunderstood? You did things differently than the way they were taught in school? You might have been told you have ADD, ADHD or even dyslexia. Maybe you were really sensitive, imaginative and had an affinity for dolphins, fairies or angels? You just know things without any explanation of why and you REFUSE to conform to the ways of society. I know, you tried but we both know it is not going to work for you.

You don’t play by the rule’s, you create your own rules based on your intuition. You were probably really interested in alternative healing and spirituality at a young age. You definitely seek for the higher possibilities in life and alternative ways of getting there. The 9-5 job model is nothing you want a part of and this is also why school is annoying to you. Sitting anywhere for 8 hours is a no-no unless of course it is your favorite subject. You have a very strong mission on this planet and innately you know that. You are extremely driven and nothing will stop you. Your biggest frustration comes from seeing so many people around you still asleep.

Indigos often freak out if they feel they are failing their mission. This sense of purpose we carry is very strong and does not let up. If we feel things aren’t moving fast enough, we aren’t getting the credit we feel we deserve or we are simply not “making a difference” we can loose hope very quickly.

It is very important to remember that “What you are seeking is seeking you.” Rumi. There is a need for whatever our individual message is. If there wasn’t a planetary need for each of us, we wouldn’t be here 😉

We are often born into families that are not like us and just don’t get us. This is difficult because we have a very specific way of being, specific needs and we do not compromise in many ways. We can be the kid that had temper tantrums, fought for respect and did not do well with people who were not open minded.

If we are feeling purposeful we are usually REALLY happy. We can fall into patterns of destruction and dysfunction if we are not expressing who we truly are or struggling with some negative programming. We have a deep connection to our integrity and our soul demands that we live in accordance. We also tend to be high achievers and very sensitive to energy. This combination can lead to many issues if we become out of balance. Some of the most common are depression, eating disorders and drug or alcohol abuse. These are all symptoms of a deep need to balance and to reconnect with our true selves. We can be perfectionists because we naturally see a higher vision for this world and we become upset when we do not see our vision in action. To calm the inner perfectionism we need to remember that the only true perfection is in the process of life.

The most important thing to remember if you are Indigo is that you DO have a Divine purpose. It is easy to grow frustrated with the current state of the world. The best thing we can do is to own our power and BE who we truly are. To live authentically, to know that YES you are different, but that difference is a GOOD thing. You are an evolved soul and you will ultimately change the world.


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