These are all symtoms of the ADD or ADHD label. I always and only speak from my own life experience and the wisdom that comes from that. As a child who was labled as having ADHD at the age of 7, I know a lot about this subject and wish to share with you a new perspective. I like to call us INDIGO. What is indigo? It is the color of your aura, or energy field that surrounds your body. Some of us were born with an “indigo” aura which represents the “third eye” or “intuition”. We tend to be HIGHLY sensitive, intuitive or psychic, strong willed, creative and quick to get things. We may also be unconventional in our learning style, unwilling to concentrate if we are not interested in what you are teaching, hyperactive as we tend to learn fast and move from one idea or activity to the next VERY quickly . . . try to keep up 😉 We can also be combative at times as we follow our innate sense of truth.

BUT we have gotten a very bad wrap for this and given ourselves an even worse one. We tend to be very hard on ourselves and very perfectionistic. Due to the fact that we are HIGHLY sensitive and intellegent, and many of us multisensory (we feel everything at once), we are also very connected to our spiritual self. What I am talking about is those of us who were born literally REMEMBERING WHO ARE TRULY ARE. That is the strong will that we exercise. We have not fully forgotten like most people have. Because we are still so aware of our true essense which is LOVE, we are very upset, hurt and angry when we fail at keeping that connection. We may seem like we are the opposite of love at times but we act out so much because we are SO upset with all of the UNTRUTH that we feel around us, the intentions we sense in others and really the lack of harmony in our home or our environment.

We tend to act out, throw temper tantrums, cause drama when we feel innately like we have done something wrong, disconnected from our true self or acted out of character with love. We tend to be like sponges and TAKE ON the emotions of others as well and this confuses us. We are unable to disconnect or separate our own feelings from those closest to us. We are very sensitive energetically, so our REACTIONS to things are extreme and over done. Parents, teachers and partners have a hard time understanding the severity of our reactions. You see we feel everything 100 times more than you do so we are extreme in our reactions. We see how others react to our behavior and we start to feel like we are REALLY bad! This feeling that we are really bad, have done something wrong and deserve to be punished is HUGE. We develop an unconscious guilt that tells us we don’t deserve to step back into our true self because we have already failed and we did something REALLY bad by fogetting who we truly are. Some of us may even pick up self sabotaging behaviors becasue of this.

SO. . . . How do we heal this???? SELF FORGIVENESS and self love. Starting with a deeper understanding that this is how it might be working for you or your child. Then realizing it is all from a place of feeling bad and failing, you can see that yourself or your child is just crying out for forgivness, understanding and love. Forgive yourself for being sensitive and misinterpreting that you are bad just becasue of the way you acted. You are not bad, you are an Earth angel who came here to strengthen your mission and teach the world how to be in their LOVING.

by shifting your perspective to see that there is NOTHING wrong with these kids or yourself, you are shifting into authentic empowerment.

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