A lot of people who are going through an awakening process also go through something I like to call a “Spiritual Bypass”. What that means is, I’ve had an awakening and I understand things at another level, yet my emotional world has not caught up yet. This is either because you haven’t done the wound healing or you haven’t really gone to the place you need to go to emotionally within yourself to really reach your new higher understanding of things.

So you feel like you’re not where you should be. You’re saying… I understand this, but why can’t I get there? Something feels off. And so my work in this video is to teach you how to align the two. How to do the work and how to actually walk your talk as your higher self.

When we have a spiritual awakening, there’s been a moment in time where something has clicked. There’s many reasons for why we have them. We’re around a huge group of more conscious people or higher conscious vibration and something clicks for us. But what happens is we wake up to the understanding of something, a much more expanded understanding, a much more expanded version.

What happened for me when I had my first real spiritual out-of-body crazy awakening experience was when I was only 15 and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with that. I didn’t know how I was supposed to prove that or teach that or even have anyone relate to me and it was extremely difficult. But what happens with that is we start to doubt it. We start to feel like there’s something wrong with us that we can’t be where we know that we’re supposed to be or create this crazy huge vision that we see for ourselves.

What I like to tell people is you have to do the work to be able to integrate into yourself. It’s not about achieving or becoming or figuring out practical tools to get somewhere. That will come intuitively, trust me. What it’s really about is having the tools to heal your wounds into that wisdom. See, this is the thing most people don’t understand is when we fully trust ourselves, when we get real about how we feel so we can heal, we need to get real present. This is a problem that highly sensitive people or light workers or empaths have, because you have this understanding, you just want to be there.

We don’t realize that you’re a soul having a human experience. You’re in a body and if you’re in that body, you’re in society with a lot of other vibrations going on. And so there’s a lot of emotional stuff happening. There’s a lot of different levels of things going on. It’s a little bit dense here. It’s a little difficult.

We have to get really real about how we feel. What are those wounds in your life, in your body, in your system, in your thoughts that are not yet up to par with the higher thoughts, meaning your higher purpose, your higher reality knowing and vibrating and being this pure love, this energy, this sense of divinity in human form. None of us are fully angels right? Or we wouldn’t be here, but all we have is that angelic divinity that can be more embodied, a huge sort of way to measure this where I’m at is the number one how you feel but number two what’s coming through you. Do you have the words to explain what you feel? Do you have a wisdom that comes through you for your own life? This is huge!

Not all wisdom is the same, but what I noticed in my own life is I started getting these like deep understandings of things when I was really in a place of self-truth and self-trust. When I was trusting what I was feeling, not making it something else, not having it to be something else, not being some ideal but really embracing the real. This is what I feel.

Some days that reality was I feel a complete shit. I don’t know what to do I’m just gonna relax. Other days that was well, I’m having some deep insights eventually what that became is a constant stream of insight and acceptance of the times it didn’t feel so great. So, it’s this embodiment of what truly is rather than what you think needs to be. And as soon as we start doing that, full acceptance on apologetic acceptance of self, we start to realize that our perfection is a process. It’s not an immediate delivery just because we understand something.

So when you do the “Spiritual Bypass,” what you’re doing is you’re bypassing all the emotional work, because you think you’re going to be some spiritual awakening person. And the reality is your spiritual awakening comes from embodying everything that already is so that I can upgrade with you and you can become integrated and live in integrity.

Spiritual Bypass is not a fun thing, because you can bypass and tell everyone all this stuff you know, yet you’re not living it, it’s not going to have impact. Your life isn’t going to be your teaching. Your life isn’t going to be an example of anything anyone really wants to follow. A good example of that is a physical trainer that’s really out of shape and eats really bad. I don’t want to hire you as my trainer because your training doesn’t seem to be working on you or maybe you’re not doing it on you.

But when your life becomes your teaching, it’s because you embody the wisdom that you have within and you can’t embody that wisdom unless you’re being with the emotion that needs to upgrade into the wound to wisdom.


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