This month my work has been focused towards sharing a deeper understanding for Empaths!

If you were born highly sensitive, there is a very big chance that you did not get emotionally mirrored in this society. Emotional mirroring is when we feel something and the other person or people mirror back what we feel with an understanding of WHY we feel it.

When we do not receive this, we can grow up feeling that we are different, don’t fit in, don’t belong and are misunderstood.

When we don’t receive the emotional validation we need, we constantly look for this in relationships and external sources. This creates toxic relationship dynamics and an inner sense of emptiness.

One of the biggest misconceptions in our society is that highly successful people are also emotionally masterful and evolved. This could not be farther from the truth. There is actually ZERO connection between the two. Sure, you can be a high achiever and also evolved and happy, but being successful does not mean You are internally happy.

Society aims to condition us into external achievement rather than internal empowerment.

Highly sensitive people often live in an empowered space, not fully tapping into their abilities because they weren’t taught how to or they were never taught how to understand it themselves.

In these three videos, I hope to shed further light on the subject.

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