Welcome to the “truth room”! I have created a space in my home to hold for others each week as we explore the realities of living a life aligned with the universe. My entire life I have known that I was here to follow my heart and to help others to do the same. But first I had to learn how to keep this connection, be certain of it and step into my own Authority as the leader of my own life. We all have a “spiritual curriculum” that aids us in stepping into the life we were born to live. This curriculum is a series of situations, opportunities and people and it can be tough, challenging and painful. You see many times people wake up because of the suffering but there is another way. We can wake up by becoming aware of how things really work, by discovering and honoring that space inside that is wise and loving. What we come to know is that it has all been designed perfectly for us to live the life we were born to live . . as soon as we are READY!

In the truth room I help guide people into seeing their entire lives from the SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVE. When we start to see that everything has happened FOR us and not against us or because of us we can start to trust. Once we start to trust we can then start to see and understand all of the blocks we have created that ultimately keep us from this “knowing”. We can start to see how and why we do this to oureslves and we start to move away from being a victim in our thinking and step into being the Authority.

Once we can see the “bigger picture” and trust the process we can then acknowledge, understand and re frame the judgements, the anger, the fears, the misinterpretations and we can start to forgive. Forgiveness is a HUGE energy that allows us to LET GO and to step into purpose.

I use my own life as my example, that what I speak of is the way to freedom. Once we take full responsibility for the reality we are currently in we can start to surrender to the way we dream it to be. We unblock our Authentic power and we start to allow the messages of our intuition, our heart to take over and lead as a new reality emerges that is co created with the Universe.

I am so honored to be able to share what I know and to guide others back HOME.


Candace van Dell

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