Unworthiness wound

Hi tribe,

I hope everyone is processing this world pandemic as well as you possibly can.  And by the way, that is the point.  We do the best we can and that is all we are supposed to do.  Just that sentence alone may bring up an “unworthiness wound”.  Am I doing this right?  Am I doing enough?  What are other people doing?  Is my anxiety stupid?  Why do I even have this many feelings?  Will I have a job at the end of this?  Be able to pay my rent?  OMG, what is going to happen to my kids or what if one of my parents gets sick.  There are SOOOO many feelings right now and they are all completely NORMAL and absolutely VALID. 

Many of my friends are calling me telling me about their anxieties, clients coming to multiple sessions a week because they are being REAL about how they FEEL and yes, this is how we HEAL.  I encourage you to allow whatever OLD wound or emotional trigger you are having to come up.  Allow yourself to feel all that you feel and instead of trying to make it feel better or figuring out what to do…..instead, just ALLOW IT.

By no means am I suggesting that you allow these negative and scary feelings to come up and take over.  Instead what I mean is that we need to hold a “safe” place for all of our emotions now more than ever.  We need to allow a container of self-expression and process.  We need to take the time away from family for a few minutes a day to keep ourselves in check and honor our own process.

When we do this, we are giving our subconscious mind the message that YOU ARE WORTHY.  When we acknowledge what we feel we are inadvertently acknowledging any and all old wounds at the same time.  When we provide a none judgmental space for ourselves to just release and reset, we are telling our inner being that we are here, we are in support of and connect to SELF.

So my friends, just like many of you, I am also doing my daily practices to meditate, exercise, connect with others and most importantly SELF and the parts of myself that need me most.

Here are a couple of new videos for this week.

Spiritual Lessons from COVID-19

Spiritual Lessons





The Universe Does Not PUNISH & REWARD, people do!

Universe doesn't punish






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As always I love you guys, I am here for you all and I will see many of you on our LIVE call Friday for the Truth Room Tribe and Emotional Rehab (Winter Class) on Sunday!

Much love and please stay safe and stay HOME,


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