• The rejection wound can be one of the most soul crushing, devastating, life altering cycles in our lives and relationships.
  • I will also mention that whether you were rejected or FELT like you were isn’t the point. It is all valid! Let’s not gaslight ourselves into triple checking our perception about our rejection experiences. (Oh… it wasn’t that bad, maybe I wasn’t really rejected, maybe there is something wrong with me for feeling so strongly about this). All things the ego does to reject ourselves and help us survive an awful and painful past.
  • Highly sensitive people experience a LOT of rejection wounds. Specifically, if we were born into a family with one or more emotionally immature parents. Emotionally immature people FEAR intimacy! The more emotions you express, the more rejected you will feel (both positive and negative emotion). You learn to have an “Upper limits issue” where you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. If you are too happy this triggers them and you are told “you are weird, why are you so happy”, “that’s not going to work out, I doubt they picked you to be the team captain.” Or you will hear things around your negative emotions like “grow up, it’s not that bad, you are always having an issue, you are TOO SENSITIVE, etc”. Bottom line UNSUPPORTIVE.
  • You feel what you feel because you are experiencing this and they are unaware of themselves or your INNER WORLD.
  • This feeling of REJECTION puts you on an external search for ACCEPTANCE (anywhere), but usually where high standards are involved so that you can be SURE that you are worthy and ENOUGH.
  • You require insane achievements from yourself and others, but mainly yourself.
  • You fall into relationships that are either below you or narcissistic where you couldn’t possibly be ENOUGH for them (cause that’s the feeling that is familiar.)
  • You search for this external confirmation of enough-ness all the while rejecting those who don’t make you feel enough. And feeling uncomfortable around the ones that do.
  • This cycle is devastating! You need your “external environment” to confirm to you that you are GOOD ENOUGH and this cycle will continue until you find it from within.

How to HEAL…

We need to become the parent we needed. This process is called Reparenting and I teach it in my EMOTIONAL REHAB Course. What is also required is an education of the psyche, emotional pain body, shadow, inner child, toxic relational patterning and a road map back to your inner guidance.

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