Of course my favorite subject is indigo children and adults because we all love talking about ourselves 😉 But seriously it is time that we shed as much light as possible on what is happening with our kids and ourselves. I feel a deep desire and purpose to spread awareness and support for the Indigos.

As many of you know, a TON of indigo’s are being labeled as having ADHD or ADD. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder amongst other things, and there are multiple ideas about this issue but I am writing to tell you about mine. And for the record I prefer ADHD (Attention Dialed to a Higher Dimension).

First of all, ALL behavior is either a reflection of LOVE or a call for LOVE so if someone is behaving badly what do you think that means? If you are unable to focus and you look for distraction, what do you think that means? In my opinion if you find it difficult to focus and invest in yourself then chances are you have some unloving feelings or misinterpretations about yourself or some mistrust of your environment. This happens a LOT for the indigo’s and this is why. . .

Indigo children/ adults are EXTREMELY sensitive souls and when I say extreme I mean what I say. We feel EVERYTHING that you are thinking about us and we also feel and sense everything that is going on around us, (all at the same time). We are multidimensional beings and therefore we process a TON of energies all at once. This is also why indigo children may struggle at home or in school when they are younger. Every single emotion that is happening in our environment, WE are internalizing.

The natural state of the indigo is to percieve the world through the heart (holistically). This is in fact our PURPOSE . . . “wholeness”. Let me explain! In the book I am writing I address the paradigm shift and the evolution of humanity extensively but for the purpose of this blog I will try to keep it short. The paradigm shift has just occured and this shift is literally CHANGING the way we think, act and perceive. The indigo’s are born thinking this way but this is why it has been our struggle in the world up until now. The world is catching up and as we mature into adulthood and take the seat of authority, it is all making sense.

The indigo children or citizens of the future as I like to call them are here to help usher in that change but it is NOT an easy mission. Have you noticed how over the last 10 years the number of kids being medicated and labled has grown astronomically!!

Our struggle is that many of us have forgotten who we are because the current state of society is not functioning from the heart, it is run from the head. To survive many of us have had to conform and we are angry about it. We know better and we know that everything needs to heal with love but for the time being we start to disconnect from this wisdom and give into the FEAR as we feel it is us against the world. Survival is a serious thing and many indigo children are born into a broken family or a family that is just not like us. We are the “different” one and again for the sole purpose to create change. It is a battle for us for awhile until we start to realize that being true to ourselves is the greatest joy and denying that truth is what causes MOST of our pain. In order for us to fullfill this purpose we must stay TRUE to who we are!


It is paramount that we understand our nature so that we can stay true to ourselves and also use our gifts in the way they were intended. Being centered on love, wholness and awakening we have been armed with OVER SENSITIVE emotions and physicality. A lot of the time we can not decifer if an emotion is OURS or someone elses. This makes us feel OVER RESPONSIBLE and it can be too much to process. Make sure this does not happen because many times people start to NUMB their feelings when it gets overwhelming. When we start to understand that we have an extreme sensitivity to emotion and physical environment we can start to see the gift in it as well. We are empathic, we feel others feelings and when we realize this is what is happening we can build very deep and compassionate connections and often times we can be psychic. When we are using our physcial over sensitivity to our advantage we can find great pleasure in the foods we eat and the activities we do.

The other side of this is that we have mental and spiritual gifts. We have a direct connection to our heart wisdom (when our heart is OPEN) so we must allow these insights to flow. We must learn to be less effected by the outside world and start affecting it. When we keep our heart open we have access to great knowing. Because of the double edged sword a lot of us turn this off because of fear of knowing or fear of being “different’. We also suffer from self doubt a lot of the time because we have access to ancient wisdom that many people around us can not understand (yet). Do not do that too yourself! It is the greatest pain you will feel to turn off your own awareness. So we have these spiritual understandings that go far beyond our years and we also have a mental capacity to just “get things”. We can do long division without ever having it explained and many times we find new ways of doing things in the world that we come up with on our own. Be you, be differnet, think different, the world needs you.

use the gifts!


For this we need to do a 3 minute centering every morning to connect briefly with our own truth before we go out into the environment. We also need to be aware of this over sensitivity and we must create our own boundaries for the people we surround ourselves with, the clothing we wear and the food we eat. We are extremely sensitive to our physical world. The fabric of our clothes can bother us just like the thoughts of the person next to us. Sounds crazy, but it is in fact real. We must protect ourselves by becoming aware of what does and does not work for us and not judge it. When I was a little girl I could not wear the color red because it (hurt) me ha ha and jeans were too rough so I lived in sweat pants. (ask my MOM it is true).

As we mature into who we really are we will be able to stand on our own and help create the change we need to see in the world. It is our time now and everyone can wake up into their INDIGO!!



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