The subject of Integrity has been coming up a lot lately. For me, the key to living in alignment with our own inner wisdom or what I like to refer to as (the wise guide inside), we need to drop the right and wrong act and line up with what is RIGHT, true, moral and valuable to YOU.

How do we discover this? We first need to undo the conditioning that no longer serves us. Some of us fought against the system since birth. Others of us became people pleasers and totally aligned with others and externals. Then there are the perfectionists who aligned with ideals and standards. There are also the rebels who reject all of the above and also the Self. And then some of us have some version of all of the above.

NONE of the above are authentic. Living in alignment with what is true for you means you need to sit in your feeling dimension without the thought of anything being possibly right or wrong. We can’t have judgment when it comes to integration and integrity. After all, who made the rule of what is in fact right or wrong?

If you watch my videos often, you know I love the phrase Get real about how you feel so you can heal.” This is how we find our integrity. We feel our feelings but then after we “validate” what we feel, we must surrender the feeling dimension to something higher, the wiser part of us that is beyond the feels and thoughts. This wisdom starts to drop in when we identify how we feel and do not attach to it. Instead, we start to watch it as if it is something we are experiencing, but it isn’t WHO WE ARE.

Many of us struggle with uncertainty, uncertain identity and uncertain emotion. The reason for this is because we are very focused on others, others’ opinions and the constant search for “feedback” that we are good, good enough and worthy. Instead of seeking for this confirmation and inevitably giving our power away, we are going to keep it instead. It is truly as easy as DECIDING that no matter what anyone else thinks, YOU still get to be YOU.

One of my favorite phrases I use in my online courses that target “codependency” is “I get to be ME regardless of YOU.”  As we practice this new way of being, we rise in our own inner authority and we gradually stop giving that permission slip to people we look up to or think that we should.

A second new video to watch is “Were you the scapegoat child?”

In this video, I explain a common dynamic that occurs in highly sensitive children.


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