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This week’s YouTube videos have been focused around releasing false idols and detaching from external ideals to find your internal reals.

One of the biggest parts of my healing journey included a long process of leaving behind what was not serving me or better yet what was taking my power away.  And reconnecting with those parts of myself that were born to be empowered.

When we have inner wounds to heal (everyone on some level), we naturally look outside of ourselves for a sense of wholeness, validation, confidence.  We are unknowingly seeking distraction from the pain we are so afraid to FEEL.

We give our power away to people, ideals etc. and then seek it from them to define our worth.  At the same time not being aware that WE are the ones projecting it onto them in the first place.  YOU and your higher power are your own authority.  But because you have never been taught about your own power or how to maintain it, you naturally think it is in others and that some type of authority OUT THERE can confirm to you your own birthright.

I am not talking about ego power, I am talking about the inner sense of enoughness.  The inner trust with your own intuition and inner guidance and ultimately purpose here on Earth.

After years and years of finding band-aids of all kinds of societal based power, I realized there was nothing and no one that could ultimately fix the inner void I was constantly feeling.  The inner void was the connection from me to my inner child.

The ONLY healer of my inner pain was ME.  The missing piece was SELF VALIDATION.

We are not taught how to validate ourselves which is why we search for FALSE IDOLS and ASSIGN OUR POWER to them.

When I stopped looking outside for it because I had literally exhausted all avenues, I had no choice but to look WITHIN.  I just wanted to be me!  And by the way, the only way you can find out that there is really “nothing wrong with you”, is by intimately getting to know you.  Not just blindly adopting what others have said or opinions that don’t fit, but really getting REAL with how you FEEL so that you can HEAL.”

Once you go towards and face the pain and what you feel, you start to see how your FEELINGS have always made sense.  When they make sense to you, you see that there is nothing wrong with them or you.  They are now VALID.

When you see this, you feel SEEN by YOU.  You also feel totally validated.  More on how to do this in a recent article I wrote for TOI MAGAZINE.









Here are the NEW videos released this week!


Finding Your Calling






Releasing False Idols






Highly Sensitive People (Where do You fit)






I also wanted to mention that EMOTIONAL REHAB WAIT LIST for the WINTER COURSE is now open.  Enrollment will start Sept. 15 and class will begin Oct. 1.  I look forward to seeing so many of you there!





This course is a 12 week/ 12 step structured healing approach to inner child work, finding true identity and releasing false self, shadow work, inner child integration and emotional mastery.  We also dig into toxic relationship cycles and how to attract from the healing rather than the wounding.  Until the inner child is healed, the patterns will stay the same.

Also open:





















Spiritual Fitness by Candace Van Dell
























Monthly Membership for highly sensitive people









Please feel free to respond to this email with any questions you may have and I am sending you all a ton of love and light as always!



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