Hello Beautiful Tribe,

As highly sensitive people, we have a lot of our truest emotions stuck in our shadow. Along with those true feelings are our greatest gifts. We cannot have full access to our potential if we are not fully integrated emotionally.

When I think about doing my own shadow work and feeling that sense of “wholeness” again, I am reminded of two specific times in my life. One when I was 5 years old and I can remember feeling my identity. I remember the joy and vigor I would get from playing sports, mainly gymnastics and excelling at them. I remember feeling one with my body. I remember feeling the freedom in those activities to express myself and my energy.

The second time I felt totally aligned with my truth was on my 16th birthday. I talk about it a lot and how I had a spiritual awakening. The awakening of who I truly was as a spiritual being, not a flawed human. Let’s be real, we are both BUT our identity does not need to be in our flaws. Our true identity is in our essence.

As I have been completing my shadow work course, I had so much fun building the section on the Golden Shadow. It is all about reclaiming the parts of ourselves that were afraid to SHINE. We fear joy as it will be taken away.

We unconsciously tether ourselves to people and experiences that keep us SAFE from our true level of SHINE.

But as you do your inner work, you will naturally notice the friction between your normal comfort zone and the place you are expanding into. You will be afraid of your shine, but you will also be curious enough to stick your toe into the deep end and check it out. You will start to realize that the Universe always has your back, especially when you have your own. Your inner work feels more at peace when you have loving thoughts towards yourself. Your world opens up and synchronicities drop in when you CHOOSE to believe in your dreams, potential and trust over the fears and conditioning. You no longer let your environment dictate your mood, but instead you find the ability to live from the inside out and take part in a very UNCONDITIONAL HAPPINESS.

Oh yes… I want that for you!

Here is my latest video to start that process.




Also, the SHADOW WORK COURSE is open for enrollment and class starts Saturday May 1, 2021 and the first LIVE call is on Sunday, May 2, 2021. ENROLL HERE

Lastly, if you have not done my Emotional Rehab course, I would suggest starting there unless you have done a lot of your own inner work. We are also open for enrollment for Emotional Rehab and class starts May 1st. You can ENROLL HERE.

I can’t wait for you all to claim your gifts so that you can serve the world from your WHOLE perfect integration.

Love & Light & Expansion,


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