Hello beautiful friends!!

As a highly sensitive person, I feel anchored into the collective consciousness that surrounds us all. I can’t ignore the deep heaviness, grief and shock felt by so many due to the tragic helicopter crash involving Kobe Bryant, his daughter, Gianna and 7 other close friends of theirs. It’s a true tragedy and as I have been seeing clients this week, there is a new shared emotional layer that we have explored together around this.

No one is exempt from physical world error and the unpredictability of this world. I think we are being reminded in such continual ways that we are all in this together. We are being reminded that this life is a gift, not promised and has no specific laws or rules to follow that keep us safe from these scary and heart-shattering events.

During these sad times, I am woken up to an even deeper awareness of how I can focus “even more” on what really matters. Family, relationships, love, what you bring to the world, how your kindness heals people, how your authenticity inspires people, how your vision elevates people and how your compassion connects people.

The paradigm is shifting quickly now and we have the chance to hold on to the NOW and make the most of what we have fearlessly and boldly. Now is the time like no other to stand up in our divine truth and make this world a place of peace, acceptance and above all else unity.

I invite you all to the Truth Room Tribe! This month’s subject is “Shadow Work”. Integrating those parts of ourselves we have not yet empowered. There is no time like the present to integrate all parts of ourselves so that we can truly BE the change we need to see.

Also please be aware of my Valentine’s Day Bundles.

Thank you all for being on this REAL journey with me and don’t forget to check out my new videos this week on my YouTube channel.

Have a beautiful week,


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