Hello beautiful tribe,

I want to start out this week’s newsletter by thanking you. Thank you for being on this healing journey with me. Through the years I have been sharing very intimate details about my own processes and discoveries surrounding my own inner healing in my courses and on my YouTube Channel. You have supported me to go deeper and deeper into my authenticity and I now live my TRUTH OUT LOUD like never before. You have inspired me and received my message with such grace, support, mirroring and open arms. The most beautiful part of healing is the community we share it with, heal with and elevate with. All of you are my soul family and I appreciate your light, your energy, your feedback and your support more than you know!!

With that said, I would like to share my most recent transformation with you. I am by no means complete with this piece of the journey. I am however deep in it and the clarity that comes forth in me by simply being REAL ABOUT HOW I FEEL, is healing me on levels I could only dream of.

It is true that healing is a lifelong journey. It is also true that it is incredibly difficult at times, but from where I am sitting, it is worth it. I can feel deep pain and at the same time experience the trust and the inner shifts that occur when I allow the process of UN-BAND-AIDING my life.

By now, you all know about my Shadow Work course that will be launching later this year.  It is an incredibly profound process to build a course, because you must go through it and master it before you can teach it (at least for me). I refuse to teach what I have not already learned. I simply don’t know how to do it any other way. The wisdom comes from going through the experience.

So, as I have been uncovering the deepest layers of my shadow, I have been forced to sit in the deep pain of why it was created in the first place. I have been guided back into similar scenarios as my childhood traumas. These past two years have mirrored the 3 biggest events in my childhood that scarred me, changed me and scared me out of my authentic self and into the ideal version. The ideal became my SAFE ZONE (or so I thought). When I thought I was done with the shed, there would be more to look at. I was hoping to God that I could at least keep some of my safety net, but NO!

In this work, we must let go of anything that is not REAL for our most authentic self.

As I have been shedding my ideals and reclaiming my reals, I have been re-experiencing DEEP LOSS, DEEP MISINTERPRETATIONS, DEEP LEVELS OF LETTING GO. On the flip side, new levels of FREEDOM & CONNECTEDNESS.

The band-aids were ripped off and the wounds were oozing out so badly that I had no choice but to let them bleed out… all the way. Within this release, there was also a freedom of not needing to hold on to anything that did not resonate with my deepest alignment. It felt like an inner tug, a knowing you cannot ignore because when you do, you feel OFF.  It was as if I was releasing all the bullshit band-aids to my childhood insecurities. We can only do this when we meet ourselves in enough of a truthful way that we KNOW we can handle the authentic reality of who we truly are. If we are still afraid of not being enough or if we are still thinking that negative life events happened “because of us”, we will not have the courage to go this far.

I encourage you to really focus on my “Getting real about how you feel so you can heal” method before you dive into your deep shadow work. The more real I became, the more I was called into the shedding. The shedding is the term I refer to when you are stepping into a phase of life that strips you of the coping mechanisms and the “protection” you have created to guard against the misinterpretations of self that you still are not sure of. “Am I good enough?”, “Am I to blame?”, “Is there something wrong with me?”, “Did this happen because of me?”  “Do I deserve to be happy?” “If I was good enough that would not have happened to me.”  You know what I am talking about.

When we feel internally that there is something wrong with us, we work extra hard at building a life that looks RIGHT.  The ideal vs. the real. We try and “make up for” an internal flaw by creating external perfection. The problem with this is the external “image” never heals the internal PAIN. We cannot cover up or band-aid our wounds for too long. They ooze out. The authentic self came here to be expressed and seen in its soul perfection, not in its designer attire.

So my friends, are you ready to let your SOUL SHINE? Are you ready to LET GO of those comfort zone, designer band-aids that make you feel good enough on the outside, but hinder you from the pain and unhealed wounds on the inside? Just look how much you feel attached to things being a certain way, looking a certain way or being perceived a certain way.

One of the best ways to start elevating your healing is to just BE REAL. When someone points out something about you that you thought you had a pretty secure band-aid on… just say, “yes you are right, I do make mistakes.”  “Yes you are right, I should maybe look into that.”  “Yes you are right, I could possibly do that in a better way.”

When we can LOVE all of ourselves, we can live as ALL OF OURSELVES.

I love you all so much!  Please be sure to check out the latest videos on my YouTube Channel. And as a reminder EMOTIONAL REHAB is still open for enrollment.  We extended the discount until March 1 since we were unable to launch the course earlier this year.

Have an amazing weekend and if you are still looking for your tribe to heal with, please check out TRUTH ROOM TRIBE, my monthly membership. This community is mind blowing to me. A safe space to heal, share, connect with each week.  Tell a friend and bring them too ;-). The more we lean on our tribe, the stronger we come! 

Please note the other offerings and courses below. Have a beautiful weekend!


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