Hi beautiful friends,

I hope you are all handling the new level of uncertainty and change as well as you can. I know I have personally been feeling a higher level of anxiety and was recently called to elevate my daily spiritual practices. As soon as I did this, I experienced an inner peace even deeper than ever before. It was almost like my body saying, “Yep, that’s exactly what we have been asking for.”

In fact, I got the message that we could ALL benefit from tuning inward more. Less distractions from Self, clearing the fears that are in the way of connecting with Self and dwelling in the joy of our inner world. I also realize that many people don’t know how to do this or at least need some help implementing spiritual tools into a routine especially when you have kids to entertain, dinners to make and dishes to clean, work to do among other things.

I look at my spiritual work as my life’s work BUT I often skimp on my own personal emotional processes when I am so busy with clients and creating content for YouTube and courses. We can all get distracted and that is ok until we start to lose touch with our inner peace.

So, I have recommitted to myself and upped my Personal inner work this past week and wow what a difference.

Every morning, I meditate for 20 minutes before I even leave my bed (that hasn’t changed except now I make sure I go longer if needed). Then I start seeing clients (via Zoom) have my coffee, etc. After morning clients, I take some family time to connect.

I do an energy “clearing” before and after every session and now I have even started doing some breath work and mini meditations at the beginning of each client session to bring extra support into the sessions.

Bringing the state of stillness into my daily activities as much as possible is making STILLNESS a way of being in my new normal.

After my work is done for the day, I immediately sit with myself, process anything that has come forward due to the incredible shares from clients and jot down new insights for future videos and blogs.

Then I take a walk! It is so important to do a “pattern interrupt” whatever that looks like for you. Shift your scenery, switch your positioning, your mind moves when your body moves. I have stopped exercising due to a sprained ankle, but honestly, it was necessary to get me to slow down and ground into my body more. I’ve been asked to move towards STILLNESS in all ways as my theme rather than running, doing and distracting. During my walk which I find to be incredibly soothing, I listen to a spiritual video, audio book or podcast, sometimes even my own… lol.

I use this time to raise my vibration out of my head and back into my heart where I feel most at peace and connected to my higher guides and calling. This is the place my insights flow from. This is where your creativity and inspiration lives. This is the place where the bigger picture of the World still makes sense to me. This is the place I get in touch with my desires, visions and capacity to manifest. I spend time in this space visualizing the things that I want with such clarity and intention that I begin to FEEL them into existence.

As I dwell in this peaceful state, I also get many insights about my own and others’ healing. These things drop in when I am out of my way. If you have limited time, I suggest doing this ONE thing for about 5-10 min. It will bring you peace.

People often ask me how I always have new topics to share. This is where those come from. Relaxation and focus! When I can remove my anxiety, any stress from the day and dwell in my higher realm, I get messages to share in this dimension. Sounds weird, but it’s a magical experience and I believe that if each of us dedicated some more “regular” time to our inner world, we would find the inspiration we crave to feel connected, purposeful and CLEAR.

After my walk, I return home to write a bit about what I learned and integrate it into more family time! It has become my new normal, a normal that feels less physically based and more spiritually enlightened.

Give it a try! I know most people don’t have that much time to dedicate to their inner world, but I am sharing some of my routine with you so that you can take even ONE exercise with you. They all lead to STILLNESS, finding your stillness amongst the uncertainty will do wonders for your mind/ body connection.

We are all being asked to heal ourselves and our world.

We can do our part by going towards the places inside that cause us upset and are asking for our attention. When negative emotions come up, try not to distract from those feelings with alcohol, doing intense activity or ruminating. Instead go towards stillness, moments of relaxation and talking to your inner world and higher guidance as a way of lifting you up out of it and back into your heart.

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Sending you all so much love & light! We are all in this together.


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