In my opinion, the beginning of all loving is loving oneself. The past three years my life has changed dramatically due to the fact that I finally began to take responsibility for the state of my life and then I began to accept it. I dropped any and all “blame” and started to understand how I was in fact creating my own reality. I have always loved studying quantum physics and spiritual teachings, but this time was different. I was ready and I was willing to see everything. In doing this, I was able to see that EVERYTHING comes from love. Whether it is an expression of love or a call for love, the only truth is LOVE. I used my tools and mastery in spiritual psychology to trace each and every misinterpretation, fear based thought and painful past experience back to the root of where it began. With this understanding I saw how my fears were nothing more than a guide to the places inside that lacked self love. Once we see that our fear is nothing more than a call for love, we can drop the fear and come back into love.

Once we accept exactly where we are we can start to accept exactly who we are. Once we accept ourselves unconditionally something magical happens, this is called self love. It sounds a LOT easier than it actually is but I promise you it is worth it. This process begins with a daily practice of transforming thought patterns, triggers and habits. Please know that this will not happen overnight, in fact it is a universal law that new thoughts take time to create new reality. This is such an incredible process and I have made it my life’s work to teach others how to undergo this process with themselves and as a result, transform their lives.

Loving ourselves back to wholeness can be very tricky. One of the biggest blocks I had to push through was understanding that it is not what happens to us that creates our pain, it is our “thoughts” about it. Let me give you an example. If you have a trauma around being rejected as a child, you may have attached your own child-like interpretation to “why” you are being rejected. It might look something like this. You get scolded or rejected, something goes wrong and you are habitually blamed. From this constant scenario you decide that these things happen because of you and therefore there is something wrong with you. Now you have attached the “thought” (there is something wrong with me) unconsciously to each event that mirrors a scolding, rejection or anything that goes wrong in your environment. These events are now your “triggers” for fear and that habitual “thought pattern”.

We can absolutely break free of habitual fears or triggers but we first must become aware of our true nature. Many people begin the self loathing process by buying into these misinterpretations, fears and triggers. We buy into them because we were never taught that our true nature is LOVE. We think our fears might actually be our truth. When we expand our vision to see more of a universal spiritual perspective, we come to know that this is not and never could be the truth. The only truth is love 😉

It takes time to retrain your thoughts and come back into your true self which is love. There is no quick fix but there isn’t supposed to be. In making a commitment to my own self love I saw that the process of this was the magic. Each and every day you become more of who you truly are and you get to experience the wisdom that comes from this experience.

When you begin to experience true self love, you will have the experience of “life acceptance”. You will feel that you would never want to change a single thing because if you did then you wouldn’t be you and you LOVE you. You start to feel that even if you are rejected by another person you simply do not care because YOU LOVE YOU and that is more important than anything. You would never want to change you so if someone else does then they don’t belong in your life because you stand up for YOU. You begin to trust that you are attracting more of YOU because you refuse to reject, hide or block YOU. The more you love YOU, the more YOU, you become.

If everything is LOVE then when we become more self LOVE we attract more of what we resonate with to us.

I fell in love with my Self and my Life the day I realized that everything I had ever experienced was either an expression of love or a call for love. We can hear this 1 million times but until we “experience” it for ourselves with our OWN understanding we will not fully get it. When we do fully “get it” our lives are never the same. You see different, act different, are different. I wish this experience for each and every soul on this planet. Living in a state of self love does not waver. You are no longer “triggered” by fear because you know what it is. You may still experience the “feeling” of this trigger, but now you know better. You know that it is just an old wound that is ready to come home to love. You have the power to love yourself back to LOVE.

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