I can talk all day long about living in alignment with your True Self, but many people don’t know what that means exactly or how to go about doing this.

I set out on a mission almost 20 years ago to find out HOW TO “stay connected” to this inner feeling of freedom, inspiration and synchronicity that I would find but then ultimately loose again.

One of the biggest components in staying connected to who we truly are is to being HONEST with our EMOTIONS. When we deny what we are feeling, what is happening or what I would call “reality,” we begin cutting ourselves OFF from our own connection to source, God, Universe.

The ONLY way to stay connected to your own “connection” is to stay true to your feelings. Be with yourself when you feel pain and hurt. Be for yourself what you think you need from others. The ONLY way we can heal ourselves is to feel ourselves. But first we must “reveal” ourselves to ourselves and then to others. Stop denying that you have a wound and start trying to LOVE yourself back to the awareness that you are already whole and perfect just as you authentically are. Your Authentic Truth is what you FEEL, it is your souls identity. When we deny how we feel in each moment and JUDGE it we are denying our own truth, our very nature.

So where did this pattern start?

Many of us come into the world and begin finding that society, our parents etc have some pretty specific rules for how we should act, how we should react to how we feel, how we should do things. When we get the message that WE are not “fitting in” to this mold we begin to abandon parts of ourselves. It is SURVIVAL, we need our parents love so they take care of us and keep us safe. For me I did not fit into the school system, I had my own way of doing things, I refused to conform. I did things differently, outside the box and because of this I felt I did things wrong and therefore there was something wrong with “me”. I discovered that my “appearance” actually “fit in” with society’s standard of beauty. My appearance was my power but in reality it had TOTAL power over me. It was my security that became the source of my insecurity. It was my source of acceptance so I made SURE it was controlled so that I didn’t have to face the horrific feeling of “rejection” as I had already had so much of it. Keep in mind when we are younger, rejection means that our security is taken away. So many of us would rather abandon our own selves so that we can have the safety we think we need from others. The irony in this is that the ONLY true security we have is within ourselves, our life force. For me this translated into the need to be “perfect” so that I wouldn’t feel that fear. But what was the fear? It was a misinterpretation that I am flawed, wrong, different. Each time this wound was picked at I would feel the old pain of what I thought was the truth that there was something wrong with me. I didn’t know how to heal this pain so I tried to cover it instead. I became fiercely competitive, self critical and deathly judgmental of myself because it was a matter of survival. If I felt this pain I would die, or so I thought.

Some people have this same experience with not fitting into society’s beauty ideals or an ideal weight or even lifestyle. We all want to belong, we all want to be loved for who we truly are but we are measuring ourselves against a SYSTEM, not a truth. The truth is that we are all souls having a human experience. We are whole and we came into this life very equip with our inner guidance system, our “emotions”. When we are being told that we are different in some way or do not fit the mold we begin abandoning our natural way for the “accepted” way. This is the simple yet profound act of self denial and we disconnect from our inner guide.

When you are feeling a strong fear it is because there is something you FEAR to be true about you. When you come into the knowing that all fear is just false evidence appearing real, you can begin to heal.

We can reclaim our truth in any moment but we must realize it is a process of becoming intensively, unapologetically TRUE to ourselves. We must forgo the ideals of society, opinions of others and stand in the light of our own identity, the one we have found by connecting to how we truly FEEL.

So, my question to you is . . . “who said so?” Who told you that your way was the wrong way, your body was the wrong body, your feelings were the wrong feelings? Was it your parent, society, a teacher? Ok, so these are all people, they are not GOD. They did not ultimately create your soul, God did. So maybe it is time to give up the authority all of these opinions have had over you and start to claim your OWN Authority. Can you have the courage to BE who you truly are? Feel everything you feel without judging it and perhaps even BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in the world? Be the authentic thread that we so need as our example of living Truth. Forgive everyone for putting these labels on you, these silly standards that detract from your true calling and forgive yourself for buying into a worldly view but not a universal law. You didn’t know any better and it’s very difficult to stand alone in your own opinion when it happens to be different from the norm. We must learn to look beyond the measures of this society and see an expanded understanding of who we TRULY ARE. When you own your TRUTH, you are inspiring others to do the same. You are freeing yourself and reconnecting to your SOUL which is your true purpose on this planet. You are becoming an example of a higher reality, your spiritual identity.

I wish you all well on your journey back HOME.



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