What does this mean exactly? Owning your truth is living an authentic life based on your inner wisdom rather than the opinions of others or societal measures. So many people that I coach, simply don’t even know how to begin to do this or even what this means.

As a child I was born with a very sensitive intuition, often called high sense perception. I could feel your energy and often see your energy or aura. What came along with these abilities was also a very different behavior pattern and learning style. At the time, this was in the 1980’s, people thought this was a flaw or disability. At the age of seven I was given an I.Q test which happened to be at Genius level and I was put on “Ritalin.” My I.Q. did not match up to my performance level in school so they concluded that there was something wrong or off and they put me on a pill to try and correct it.

The purpose of this pill was to help me “focus” the way they thought I should focus and better utilize my potential or in other words, conform to the ways of our system. This drug also would numb my emotions so that I would not act out or behave the way that felt natural to me. Unfortunately, this is happening to a LOT of kids these days, I call the new kids, Indigo children. We are naturally connected to our truth sense, our intuition and have a deep sensitivity and knowing of how the world needs to evolve. We are naturally more sensitive to foods, products and our emotional state. Because of this we are as a group, pushing for change. Instead of changing the kids by medicating the kids, the kids are going to push the world to change its ways. As you may have noticed, the number of ADHD diagnosis’s have gone up exponentially in the past 10 years. The number is growing because we need to PUSH the system to change rather than continue to allow it to change us.

Back to my story for a moment. From the age 7 until I was 17 I was taking this drug called Ritalin. Unfortunately as I began to mature I began to feel a deep disconnect from my own truth, my own sense of self. I had forgotten how to interpret my emotions and more than that, how to trust them. I felt numbed, over taken by self doubt and I began searching outside myself for confirmation of how to interpret or trust my own intuition. Each time I would experience a negative emotion I would become overwhelmed with fear as it would trigger the conditioning that “there was something wrong with me”. It would make me disconnect from my authentic feelings all over again. This was a cycle of hell for me. My own natural gifts were “taken away from me”, or so I thought. I had lost my own purpose because I simply could not reach the part of myself that was “me”. Even more than that, when I did reach it I didn’t know if it was trust worthy or disabled due to the conditioning of my younger years. For this reason, I was myself numbing my own gifts as had been done to me.

I do not blame anyone for this experience because I have the awareness that people simply didn’t know. I see so many adults now who still don’t understand what is truly happening, they are simply just trying to help their children function better in school and in society. The problem is that, the whole life purpose of these children is not to fit into society, but rather to BE the example of how we need for society to change. By medicating our children and forcing them to conform, we are in essence stunting the growth of our world. Thankfully, Indigo children are very strong willed and will never conform, they just might be stunted in their efforts for awhile.

15 years later I have done a lot of healing and have been able to reconnect with the deepest part of myself, my truth. I have reclaimed the parts of myself that were numbed, pushed to conform and greatly misunderstood. AS indigo’s we must realize that we are not like the majority but our number is growing daily. We are literally here to BE THE CHANGE. If you are a parent of an indigo and reading this right now, please think about how you see your child. I encourage you to see the holistic view, to see that your child and all of their unique characteristics are actually that way for a reason. There is nothing WRONG with your child, there is actually a lot WRONG with our world. Instead of medicating them so that they can conform and act more appropriately , I encourage you to listen to their hearts and relate to them with more compassion and love. These kids are high maintenance emotionally, but they chose you as their parent because you have the ability to support this journey. When we begin to engage in the understanding of a more universal view of the world we can see that our children may just be the next step in human evolution.

Today I have built a career around teaching others the practices, principals and facilitation strategies to regain their own inner wisdom. By quieting the mind, we can better hear the heart. By reconnecting to our feelings we are reconnecting with our wisest guide. Many of us can hear our heart but do not trust it due to trauma or childhood conditioning. It is my mission to help you heal and reconnect with the wisdom that has never left you and never will. This is OWNING YOUR TRUTH.

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