Facing my biggest fears has set me free.

I am just a girl from the midwest. I was always different than those around me. Many of us feel this way, don’t we? We feel alone, or like we don’t belong or that we can’t find our people. But really what we are looking for is to be validated by those closest to us. When this does not happen, because we are in some way deemed “different”, we adopt the belief that something is wrong with us. If there is something wrong with us, then we will be alone and we won’t survive.

We are creatures with a basic need to BELONG. If that basic need is not met, we feel our survival is at risk. This belief goes deep into our psyche and into our bodies. This fear elicits a trauma response. When we are in trauma, we are in fight or flight. Our nervous systems are constantly on high alert and when this is the case, we are reactive and hypervigilant.

I lived in this state for many years. It caused physical symptoms, illnesses, bad decisions and mostly a dysfunctional relationship to myself. I fell into perfectionism, toxic relationships, and things that were not aligned with my highest good.

The last two years of my life have been accelerated healing. I had the courage to show up to my BIGGEST fears. Sure, many of us start to do the inner work and say we are ready to face some of our underlying issues and fears. But once you do enough of the inner work, the BIG DADDY ISSUES come up to be cleared.

I always thought that by doing the inner work, I would be safe from the big scary things, because if I did the inner work, those big fat fears would fade away right? WRONG!!!! They cannot be released until faced, my friends. This is a part of the journey many people won’t tell you about because many people still haven’t gone to that unknown LEVEL.

When we want to level up, it is a prerequisite to go into the UNKNOWN and, by the way, the unknown is our biggest terror.

So here I am in a state of the unknown and do you want to know something crazy? By being in this unknown for 6 months, I have come to a place of making total peace with it. In fact, this fear of the unknown that has haunted me since childhood has (believe it or not) become an experience of LOVE.

We think we need to tether ourselves to things, people, and future security. But really what that is, is a tether to a level you are at, not a level you can become.

When we set up our security, we are setting up a prison. I am sure many of your egos are wanting to stop reading at this point and disagree with what I am saying. Please know that is normal, but it is also a self-protection mechanism to not have to believe that we need to go into a place that feels uncomfortable and SCARY.

We need to go there. We need to feel the discomfort of this unknown reality because within that and only within that will we feel our way into a comfort that seems insane. The comfort I am speaking of is the comfort of LIVING IN A STATE LOVE.

When we are willing or forced into facing our biggest fears, we start to realize that it is unbearable, it is so unbearable that we necessarily MUST shift into a mindset of LOVE .

The opposite of fear is love and when we can’t take the fear thoughts any longer, I encourage you to exercise your ability to CHOOSE AGAIN!

Your circumstances and conditions DO NOT dictate your feelings, but you think that they do. Take it from me, they do not! I find myself in an ocean of unknowns and the feeling that has raised within me is LOVE. Love for the fact that I can feel love while all of my fears are coming at me.

Practice this. Look at the things in your shadow that you refuse to look at. Why won’t you look at them? What will happen if you do? What will it mean if you do? Great, now DO IT. See what happens… a bit of suffering right? Great now take that suffering you are feeling and notice that there is no way out. No way to escape it for too long. No way to deny it, numb it or run from it. Your truth will always show up and find you.

So I am telling you that the way out is a counterintuitive thing. The way out of any FEAR is to choose LOVE. Be the crazy one, be the one that people look at with confusion, because you are NOT reacting to your external situation. You are the one that has risen above it and chooses to respond to the “inner” ABILITY to CHOOSE LOVE.

This awakening happened to me FAST. It happened after I made the decision to shift not only my environment, but to shift what I was allowing. I was allowing the fear. I caught myself and realized that I am the AUTHORITY of my own reality and if that is so then what would I choose? What would love do? Love would just be love UNCONDITIONALLY of the conditions or the circumstance, of the outcome of anything.

When we come from a state of unconditional love we come from the abundance mindset. We are not blocked by fear, we are not imprisoned by pain, we are not stuck in shame. We are FREE to be, create and feel whatever it is that we choose.

There is NO LIMIT to what you get to create but if you do not believe you are a creator, you will stay stuck.

Do you believe it is possible to create your own reality? I would like to know. I would like to know why not. I would like to know what has taken you to this point to hear this message. I encourage you to thank those experiences and now leave them in the rearview mirror and start to fly forward. Your future is in your mindset so let’s create everything you came here to do.

Your mind is a very powerful thing. And when you are empowered, you can shift it towards a focus that goes beyond what you feel and into the zone of inner authority.

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Much love to you all, I am with you every step of the way.



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