Hello beautiful friends,

As you have probably noticed, I have been real busy lately creating and launching new courses, clothing line, online community and group platforms. It has been REALLY fun! In fact, it has all been a dream come true for me.

When I was a little girl, my dream was to live my highest potential. To be who my soul came here to be. Many child psychologists say that the things we love as children translate into our adult calling or career. Looking back, I used to write my own books in elementary school (going to try and find my favorite one so I can post a pic in the next newsletter), it was a book about my cat ☀️ Sunshine, drawing my own clothing line, pretending I was a teacher with my own little chalkboard at home, obsessed with my pets and for some reason, I was really into my pretend cash register (maybe my current shopping habit? 🙂

What I didn’t realize is there would be a lot of INNER WORK I was going to have to do to realize those dreams of being an entrepreneur, teacher, creator, lover!

The world we live in does not empower us in all ways, it wants to conform us.

I fought that conformity for so so long, but not without battle wounds my friends. Those battle wounds looked like paralyzing self-doubt, perfectionism, fear, loneliness, etc.

I realized that my “highest potential” was NOT happening without claiming my authentic truth. As I got REAL about how I FEEL and started to HEAL, I also got really empowered from the inside out. The result of that, which I did not expect, was ABUNDANCE!!!!

I’m sharing this because nothing brings me more joy than living the life I believe my soul signed up for. Waking up each day (regardless of external conditions) and feeling HAPPY, FREE, CREATIVE, a constant learner, teacher and thriving from the inside out. What people don’t always realize, myself included, is that MONEY is a byproduct of our inner abundance. I never talk about money because it was never my focus. In fact, as a spiritual teacher, I felt like “money talk” was the opposite of my message. My focus being the INNER WORK meant being abundant in myself. But what I got to discover on this journey is that as we heal our inner/emotional wounds, we attract the abundance that we BECOME, because we stand up into our WORTH!!

Once you embody your true worth, you attract all that you are worthy of and that, my friends is whatever you dream, desire and line up with! What an act of service!!! As you become more worthy and abundant, you have more resources to support others to do the same!

I designed EMOTIONAL REHAB to bring you to this abundance I speak of. Many of my clients do this work and start to realize that who they truly are has never left. They just needed the tools to fully access this empowered version of themselves that has longed to be discovered!

Emotional Rehab is now open for enrollment for the Spring 2020 course and I could not be more excited to embark on this journey of abundance and inner peace with you! In fact, I LIVE for it!


I hope you all have a beautiful week!


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