Hello beautiful tribe,

How is everyone feeling this week? I would love to know if you are feeling a shift yet from 2020 to 2021 energy? I am feeling a lot of old cycles closing out and new ones starting to enter. We are releasing anything and everything that does not ALIGN with our hearts. I wrote a little something about this on Instagram this week. So please go check it out @candacevandell if you feel it.

Alignment is the key to the aquarian age we have finally just entered. Those of us who have done some inner work are coming up against the DISCOMFORT of living with parts of ourselves that are still OUT OF ALIGNMENT with who we truly are and who we are destined to become.

In this new video: Is My INNER WORK Working?…… I go deeper into what happens when we have done some significant inner work and we think we are hitting a roadblock or we think things are actually getting worse.

The reality with Universal Law is that we are asked to “pass the test”. It feels like a test because it is a mirror of the issues we just thought we had cleared. If they are truly cleared, the test is simple and you pass with flying colors. If the test still triggers you or makes you self doubt, there is more work to do. But usually, the work that now needs to be done is SELF TRUST and moving forward with aligned action on behalf of the work you have just completed and learned.

So don’t get discouraged my friends. You cannot go backward. You cannot fall back asleep once you are awakened. This is all part of the road to your divine SELF.

Please let me mention the upcoming courses and offerings.

Emotional Rehab will open for enrollment Feb. 1 2021. You can get on the waitlist HERE.




Early bird pricing is open until we start on Feb. 14 2021
This course is to help you clear up the inner wounds that attract toxic relationships and keep us away from living our true purpose.

I hope this message finds you all well and I wish you a great week.



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