The more I learn about my own nature, the more perfect life becomes in my eyes. You see, life is 100% a reflection of our own essense. What we are is what we attract and what we experience is an exact projection of what we are believing what we have a judgement about or what we are resisting. The purpose of life or as I like to call it “soul school” is a classroom for more loving. For indigo children and adults we already KNOW this but because of this we experience extreme frustration at times and also an unexplainable sense of anger. This happens becasue we see the vision but also experience the world in a way that needs to change. And because of this we have a double edged sword.

If I would have known the truth of this double edged sword AS I was experiencing it I bet there would have been a heck of a lot more grace and ease on my journey, so I am here to help you have a more joyful experience 😉

Indigo children have a magical connection to the spirit world. We are born remembering a lot more than the average kid. We also have significant challenges. We have an over sensitivity to our own and to others feelings, empathy, telepathy perhaps and the emotions we experience go far beyond what most of our parents or teachers can comprehend. We also have a physical over sensitivity and this can come in the form of food allergies, intolerance to certain colors, clothing materials or energies and in your teens we can have unbareable PMS. We can be called high maintance and physcially and emotionally we certainly are. But there is a reason for this and if worked with properly there is a gift inside.

The “sword’ will usually start to act up more in our teens becasue at this point our spiritual and mental abilities are growing rapidly and something special happens in puberty when we start to really flow more with the whole of life. At least that was my experience. This is also the time many of us fall into dispair or even depression but at the same time . . . awakenings! We have this overwhelming sense of purpose but we also feel like our hands are tied with the way the world operates and we are just kids so what do we do? We start to understand BIG life concepts and our analitical minds are on fire. We are reading many philosophical books and understanding deep ideas that have our teachers and parents speachless. BUT many of us are also nonconformists! We simply do things differently and this can show up a lot of the time as having ADHD. It is not that we “cant” do it your way, we just choose to do it our own way and plus we are bored with the classical acedamia.

We simply never feel like we are getting the “CREDIT” we deserve because after all we are wired a little bit differently and are here to change things up.

The other “sword” we experience is having this true understanding of life and anciet wisdom but without the outlet for it and also without the emotional maturity to get the credit for it. You see the things that come out of our mouths are so profound but then we fall into this trap of over sensitivity either emotionally or physcially and all of our credit for being brilliant goes out the window because we start to seem like we are acting “crazy” ha ha! It is ok and I encourage you to have compassion with yourself. It is just our nature. We have NO tolerance for ignorance or for people who act out of their integrity or who disrespect us or themselves. In fact we really don’t have any time for people who treat us as less than equal.

Indigo’s are very unmoldable. You can’t put us into really ANY category because who we are is very multidimensional. One day we are finding the cure for something and the next day we are suffering from an emotional trauma due to a friend saying something bad about us. Yep, the teens are a really tough time but I can gaurantee that once you learn to accept that there is NOTHING wrong with you but instead that you have a magical purpose . . . . your relationship to yourself with shift dramatically and therefore so will everyone elses.

So here is the deal . . . the universe is not playing a nasty trick on you, it is just showing you the truth about you. It is true you do have special gifts. You are here to show the WAY in the world to more oneness, tolerance, compassion and CHANGE! You have benn armed with spiritual awareness that goes beyond conventional wisdom, you have the mental capacity to be a pioneer in many fields (like Einstein) BUT you also must embrace your emotional and physical OVER sensitivity. You have this sensitivity so you can detect places where TRUTH needs to be infused and compassion needs to develop. Many times we make the mistake of BUYING INTO our emotional over sensitivity. When we buy into it we can appear very immature and uncapable and this is simply not true. Life is a different experience for us than most though so it is easy for us to fall into the lonely feelings and self doubt.

Keep your chin up, your over sensitivity is not telling you to loose confidence or buy into what you are feeling but more to recognize that you are falling into something that is not real. By having this awareness about yourself you can simply talk yourself out of over feeling. You can tap into that great big intuition that you have and leave the ego behind. Tell yourself you are feeling too much in this situation becasue you are unsure of something or needing more support. Put your hand over your heart and send YOURSELF love. Put the focus back on the heart and out of that overactive mind of yours. Love yourself for having this compassion and ability and don’t let it hurt you or throw you off balance. If you become a healer one day this will be a great tool.

With the physcial sensitivites like clothing fabrics, pms, and different energies we can again remind ourselves that we are just over sensitive and that is ok, we feel a lot and are over stimulated. This is also easy to work with instead of letting it pull you off balance of off center. We create a white light around ourselves in our minds and welcome protection. When we use our gifts and visualize energy protection we can then find the tolerance to be in high energy situations and not get swayed. Also by understanding this about yourself and loving this about yourself you are also not projecting negative energy inward.

There are simple tools I have developed over the years along with my understanding and love for this way of life. Be patient for yourself as it does take practice 😉 I hope this little post was helpful or insightful.



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